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About New Jersey

Times Square, New York CityFor information about New Brunswick, New Jersey please click here.

A thriving eastern state, New Jersey is bursting with cultural, recreational, educational, and professional opportunities, both inside its borders and in nearby New York and Pennsylvania.

Golf courseIn addition to its special opportunities in psychiatric training, New Jersey is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It presents opportunities for everyone. New Jersey offers the perfect mix of sophistication and family orientation that should appeal to both singles and families alike.

Housing is available in all price ranges; and, no matter where you live, you’re never far from beautiful parks, golf courses, beaches and superb cultural offerings


National Leader

Beautiful Sandy BeachesNew Jersey is the second wealthiest state in the country. It ranks 3rd nationally in corporate headquarters and 4th nationally in high-tech firms. New Jersey is the nation’s medicine chest, with some 80-brand name and generic drug-makers. An estimated fourth of the nation’s health product research and manufacturing is done here. New Jersey is 1 of only 11 states with the highest credit rating in the country.

For more information about New Jersey, please click here.

Diverse Lifestyles

New Jersey undoubtedly has a residential area that suits your lifestyle. Cosmopolitan? Ethnic? Small Town? Rural? Quintessential suburban? No matter what your housing preference, you find it in New Jersey. Restaurants and food stores, too, cater to every taste and background. Korean, Polynesian, Indian, Middle-Eastern, Tex-Mex, Soul, or Creole – whether it’s an ingredient or a meal, you can get it here. For more information please click here.

Cultural Mecca

Rich cultural offerings abound in and around New Jersey. The richness of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center are close by in New York City. The historic and cultural areas of Philadelphia are also an easy drive away. New Jersey itself offers a multitude of cultural opportunities. The state boasts superb professional theater and more than 60 museums. Top-caliber orchestras, musicians, and dancers from around the world perform here regularly. For more information, please click here.

Recreation Galore

New Jersey is renowned for its 127 miles of shoreline, with clean, sandy beaches. But there’s also the New Jersey Meadowlands, with its professional sports teams and its concerts by world-famous entertainers. There are 4,000 miles of nature trails and hundreds of beautiful campsites from Jersey’s scenic northern tip to the vast sandy Pine Barrens. For more information please click here. Add to that 200 golf courses and lots of fresh- and salt-water fishing… For more information click here.

Future Oriented

New Jersey, the “Invention State,” has long positioned itself on the cutting edge of tomorrow. Einstein unraveled the mysteries of the universe here, and Edison invented the light bulb. Today, New Jersey has the highest concentration of scientists, technicians, and engineers in the nation. The state’s scientific talent produces nearly 3,000 patents a year. Some 11 percent of all government and industry R&D dollars spent nationally is spent in New Jersey.