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Experimental Design

Data Analysis

The following are links to sites that contain software and other information that useful for the analysis of CD data. Much of it is discussed in the Nature Protocol papers in the links on the Applications page. We provide these links as a convenient resource but the Circular Dichroism Facility does not provide support for the software.

Nature Protocols

The Nature Protocols papers contain additional programs, equations and other information about data analysis, including discussion of the programs and sites listed below.

  • Using circular dichroism spectra to estimate protein secondary structure: Click Here
  • Using circular dichroism collected as a function of temperature to determine the thermodynamics of protein unfolding and binding interactions: Click Here
  • Determination of the folding of proteins as a function of denaturants, osmolytes or ligands using circular dichroism: Click Here
  • Analysis of the kinetics of folding of proteins and peptides using circular dichroism: Click Here

Download Software and Circular Dichroism Programs