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Our Programs - Overview

Click on the accordians below to read about the international rotations that the Office of Global Health facilitates for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School medical students at institutions that have signed or plan to sign formal International Agreements with our school. As we get more information about these programs, we will update these pages. To read first-hand accounts of some of these programs please visit our Student Experiences page.

North America

*Please note Mexico is now (as of 11/15/2018) on the  State Department's Travel Increased Caution List*


Rutgers’ Culture and Community Health Program in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Focus on community health, health services, and health education
  • Course in Medical Spanish
  • Seminar on health in Mexican communities
  • Community service projects
  • Will stay with local families; meals included
  • Travel dates are usually in the month of June

Program Contact:  Dr. Peter Guarnaccia
Local Contact:  Dr. Javier Escobar

South America


Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)

  • First year medical students can apply for a summer program June/July

  • The Program offers rotations on Primary Health servicees where a series of community outreach activities are implemented. These include home visits, health prevention and promotion improvement activities, schoold and nurseries visits and Ministry of Health's facilities for health services. 

  • Requirements 

    • Intermediate to advanced Spanish proficiency. Applicats will be evaluated with an online test and a skype interview.

    • All communication including letter on intent (Essay) has to be in spanish  

→ For more information please visit USFQ.

Detailed Information: Click Here


Salta and San Salvador de Jujuy

  • Lectures on “Public Health” and the Health Care System in Argentina

  • Clinical Rotations in primary & speciality care at the Military Hospital in Salta and at Mental Health Clinics in San Salvador de Jujuy.

  • Rotations through community/rural clinics in pediatrics, primary care and infectious diseases in rural areas of Jujuy and in the Andean Mountains

  • Medical Spanish tutoring available

  • Shared apartments and reasonable hotels available

Program Contact: Dr. Maria Calvo

Local Contact:  Dr. Javier Escobar

Click here for a link with more details on this program. 

Also, contact the Office of Global Health to make an appointment to discuss this program further.


IHCAI- International Health Central American Institute

  • Intensive 4 Week Medical Spanish Course

  • Primarily classroom-based; utilize simulated patient-physician interactions

  • Emphasis on clinical interview and understanding of cultural differences

  • Emphasis on Tropical Medicine

  • Stay with local Costa Rican family - meals and room are provided

  • Click here for a link to more details on this program

Program Contact:  Dr. Mario Tristan

Local Contact:  Office of Global Health 

Student Experiences

Cara Bergamo

Emily Donelan



Hospital Universitario del Valle, Cali Columbia.

  • Dates: June- July for M1's. Spring (April/May) or Fall (August/ September) for M3's and M4's.

  • Max # of Students 5

  • Program is 4 weeks and includes 

    • Seminars on Columbia's Health system

    • Clinical rotations at EM services including Trauma and Surgical services.

      • Opportunities to rotate through PEDs, OB/GYN and IM also available

    • Participate in Research as part of the "Lancent Indicators Program" led by Dr. Gregory Peck.

    • Tutoring in Medical Spanish about 30 hrs total over 4 weeks. 

  • Requirements

    • Intermediate- Advanced Spanish Proficiency

    • Students who are Chancellor or Distictions Scholars in Global Health are preferred

  • Click for detailed information

For more information please contact  Dr. Peck.

Universidad de Antioquia, Facultad de Medicina, Medellin, Columbia

  • Summer Global Health Rotations for First Year Medical Students. From June -July
  • Number of students not to exceed 8 each yr.
  • Requirments 
    • To truly benefit from the experience, at least an intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish (B1 level) is required

    • Contact Dr. Julian Franco for application. relacionesintermedicina@udea.edu.co 

    • Send curriculum vitae in Spanish

    • Send copy of valid passport and documentation of vaccines.

    • Health insurance policy

    • Formal approval by council, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Antioquia and also by Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paul-Fundacion, for the academic and clinical components of the rotation.

Click  here for more details  

Program contact: Dr. Julián Franco – International Relations, Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Antioquia

Local contact: Office of Global Health 

CES Medical School, Medilline, Columbia (Note: Program not available this year 2019 for 1st Year Students)

 The didactic program will start around June 1 stand run through June 30th

  • Max # of students: 10
  • Requirements 
    • Intermediate Spanish
  • Lectures on "Public Health" and Columbian Health System
  • Clinical Rotations at Medellin Hospital or other CES afficliated Clinical Venues. 
    • Includes EM, Peds, OB/GYN & IM
  • Rotations through community/rural clinic with particular emphasis on infectious diseases.
  • 40 Hrs of tutoring in Medical Spanish over 4 weeks of the program (about 2 hr each sessions)

Program Contact: Dr. Juan Jaime Arroyave 

Local contact: Office of Global Health 

For more detail information   Click Here

International student guildline from CES   Read

Application Form click  here


PUCMM Pontificia Universidad Catolics Madre y Maestra, Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Didactic Program will Start July 8- Aug 2 2019. 4 Weeks for Medical Students, 2 weeks for GSAPP Students.

  • Max # of Students: 4 Medical Students , 2 GSAPP Students Each Year. 
  • Requirements:

    • To truly benefit from the experience, at least an intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish (B1 level) is required. Link to Forms you will be using in clinic click here. Be sure to learn them as much as possible before your trip. 
    • Complete standard application form and Grant application form
    • Send curriculum vitae in Spanish and English
    • Send copy of valid passport and documentation of vaccines.
    • Health insurance policy click here 
  • ******SEND ALL FORMS TO OFFICE OF GLOBAL HEALTH**** (Christina Rozario or Angela Gitau)

Program Contact: Dr. Michelle Maria Jimenez Azcona

Local Contact: Office of Global Health .

For More Detailed Information about Program Click Here



KNUST-Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi

International Health Care Volunteers, Inc. (IHCV)

  • International Healthcare Volunteers offers a unique experience for 4th year medical students, residents and fellows.
  • The elective is for 2 weeks to develop clinical skills and cultural competencies in a unique and low resource environment. Each learner will be assigned a medical mission mentor.
  • Selection Criteria to participate in Global Elective
    • The medical student/resident must be in good academic standing
    • The Learner will complete an essay on the following topic: “ How Globalization of healthcare will impact on your career” which will be due on March 31 st A committee will select the learner based on the requirements of good standing, assigned essay, interviews and availability of mission mentors.

To learn more about the elective objectives program and other important information   Click here

E-mail your essay to:  Dr. Charletta Ayers
Questions: call 732- 235-6979

Student Experiences


  • Opportunity with Medical Focus for January 2016 is available .To learn more about the Menstrual health project's goals and achievements (from 2014 to 2016) in Kaberamaido,Uganda  Click here
  • A Global Health Experience In Uganda
    • Course Number: MDC 9070A
    • Location: Kaberamaido, Uganda
    • Elective Director: Karen W. Lin, MD, (karen.weiru.lin@rutgers.edu)
    • Elective Faculty: Terri A. Nordin, MD, (terri.nordin@rutgers.edu)
    • Blocks Available: Varies

Duration/Weeks: MIN: 2; MAX: 4
Hours per Week: 40
Students: 2-3

→ More detail updated information available here




Summer Clinical Rotation /Observership program at The Medical University of Graz.

Brief Description:

  • 4-6 weeks clinical rotation.
  • Up to 4 students per year.

  • For more information about the program and application please visit: Austria Observership Program

Local contact Dr. Javier Escobar email for more information.
Contact person at the Medical University of Graz is Ms. Irene Stradner: email irene.stradner@medunigraz.at 



Hospital Miguel Servet & University of Zaragoza School of Medicine, Zaragoza,  Spain

Summer Global Health Rotation for First Year Medical Students.

  • Dates: The didactic program will start Monday, June 1 st and Run through Friday, June 29th

Didactic Program:

  • The program will run for four weeks and will include:

    • Seminars on the Spanish Health Care System.

    • Clinical Rotations at Psychosomatic Medicine Service, Hospital Miguel Servet. Also an opportunity for students to do rotations at other medical services.

    • Rotations through community primary care clinics with particular emphasis on common medical problems in Spain.

    • Advanced spanish proficieny is preffered. 

Coordinators:Dr. Javier Garcia- Campayo

Local contact:Dr. Javier Escobar

For more detail important information  Click Here

Zaragoza Visit guidebook  Click here

Past Student Experiences

Contact the Office of Global Health for more details on this program.

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

For details contact:  Dr. Javier Escobar



Elective at “University of Limerick’s Graduate Entry Medical School” Ireland.

Brief description:

  • Electives are only scheduled to start on Mondays and finish on Fridays.

  • Acceptance depends upon the availability of resources at the time of the Elective.

  • The maximum time allowed at University of Limerick is 4 weeks of Elective time per calendar year.

  • Applications must be received 6 months prior to the start of the Elective.

    • All placements are made through the electives office.

    • Electives will only be accepted from Mid-May to late July.

  • The University of Limerick is not responsible for travel or accommodation expenses.

  • Visiting students are responsible for obtaining their own personal health insurance.

  • You are required to provide an original academic transcript, reference from the Dean (or Designate), evidence of full immunity, proof of insurance cover provided by your Medical school, certificate of malpractice indemnity, police clearance certificate and 2 passport size photographs with the applicant name printed on the back. These documents must be submitted at the time of application.

  • Cancellation of a confirmed Elective is considered unprofessional and can result in a letter denoting this unprofessional behavior being sent to your school.

  • For more information  Click here ,

  • Elective Application Form University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School



Elective at "West University of Arad" Romania.

Brief description:

  • Participants will benefit of a 4 weeks internship, 6-8 hours per day, at the Faculty of Medicine

  • Developed for medical students and young physicians eager to know and explore other cultures, as well as the functionality of other healthcare systems.

    • A week of knowledge and understanding of the teaching process at the school of medicine, participating in various curricular and extracurricular activities, accommodation with the location, the culture and the history of the place with our students,

    • A week of participation in activities in primary healthcare services, carried on in the practices of the family physicians in rural or urban environment, or in partner centers of recovery where a first contact with the patient from the Romanian medical system is to take place,

    • A week of participation in clinical activities in the medical academic clinics, depending on the applicant's field of interest, for instance hematology, oncology, imagery, neurology, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency, cardiology, gastroenterology etc. 

    • A week of participation in clinical activities in the surgical academic clinics, depending on the applicant's field of interest, for instance general surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, orthopedics, multiple traumas, surgical emergencies, etc.

  • By choice, the week of participation in clinical activities may be replaced with research activities carried on at the Institute of Life Sciences

  • Click for more information



Global Health Rotations for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
In Taiwan, Republic of China

  • 中國醫藥大學    China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan , central western Taiwan

  • 國立成功大學    National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine, Tainan, Taiwan, southern Taiwan

  • 國立台灣大學     National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, northern Taiwan

  • 慈濟大學           Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan, eastern Taiwan

  • 台北榮民總醫院  Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, northern Taiwan

The Global Health experience in Taiwan has curriculum tailored to MS-1 and MS-3 students of RWJMS.

  • MS-1 during the summer between MS-1 and MS-2 (June-July)
    • It is a hybrid of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Patient/Community centered medicine, two weeks of each.
      • Chinese Medicine: VGHTPE: Veterans General Hospital in Taipei, http://medu.vghtpe.gov.tw/?page_id=168 China Medical University in Taichung, http://english.cmu.edu.tw/
    • Community and Family Medicine under national health insurance.
      • National Taiwan University- School of Medicine
      • Part of 6 months Global Health curriculum, RWJMS students may participate the service learning experiences with NTU students in remote village, or explore Minimal Invasive Surgery learning center.
    • TzuChi University School of Medicine
      • Silent Mentor Program, Invasive Clinical Procedures Training-soft-body training program,
      • Community Health mobile unit to aboriginal villages,
      • Inpatient Hospice care. http://eng.tcu.edu.tw/academics/college-of-medicine/
  • MS-4
    • National Taiwan University School of Medicine – the number one medical school in Taiwan
    • For current 3rd year students to do it during 4th year right after match. http://www.med.ntu.edu.tw/main.php?Page=N8O3

Coordinator:  負責人

Dr. Karen W. Lin (RWJMS),  732-235-7667;  Karen.weiru.lin@rutgers.edu
Assistant Dean of Global Health for Asian Programs

Click Here for more details about the 4 week program in Taiwan including course descriptions and budget information.


Hyogo College of Medicine

Ms-1 to Ms-4 students, we have had mutual exchange for several years.

It is about one hour from Kyoto, subways/ speedy train system is convenient in Japan.

RWJMS students did rotation in Emergency medicine, earthquake responding system.


  • CV
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of good Standing
  • Medical school transcript
  • Immunization record
  • Passport copied
  • Proof of personal health insurance
Guest house” is available for foreign exchange students/doctors and it is free of charge. Living room, kitchen, bathroom need to be shared, but private room is available for each resident. Fridge and laundry machine, microwave oven, some cooking tools and daily necessities are prepared. Also, Wi-Fi is available.
The house is located in a very convenient place, it takes about a few minutes walk from the hospital/college, and supermarket is pretty close as well. Meal vouchers available at the student cafeteria are provided, so that you can enjoy meals there with students.

For more info: https://www.hyo-med.ac.jp/english.html

Program Contact: Kyoko Torii, Administrative Assistant Center for International Programs cip@hyo-med.ac.jp

Local Contact: Dr. Karen Lin

University of Fukui

More info to come soon.


Local Contact: Dr. Karen Lin



Smile Bangladesh 

  • Positions open for a Global Health elective for 3 rd and 4 th year medical students to work in Bangladesh twice a year with Smile Bangladesh Missions (www.smilebangladesh.org). The missions are organized twice a year, in November and early March.

For more information  Click Here

East West Medical College,Bangladesh

    For more information  click here



Jiao Tong University Medical School, Shanghai

Local Contact:  Dr. Yufang Shi       

Zhongshan Hospital (sister hospital of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital)

Local contact:  Dr. Karen W. Lin

Shanghai Medical College of Fu Dan University, Shanghai, Jiansu Province 

Local contact:  Dr. Karen W. Lin

Shenyang China Medical University, ShenYang, Liaoning Province (northern east)  

Local contact:  Dr. Karen W. Lin

People’s Hospital of Zhongshan City, Zhongshan, Guandong



B.J. Wadia Children's Hospital, Mumbai

Program Contact: Dr. Ira Shah

Local Contact:  Dr. Sunanda Gaur 

Administrative Asst to Dr. Gaur:  Margaretanne Reina

Sitapur Eye Hospital/King Georges Medical College, Sitapur/Lucknow

Program Contact: Dr. Madhu Bhadauria

Local Contact:  Dr. Sunanda Gaur 

Administrative Asst to Dr. Gaur:  Margaretanne Reina

Himalayan Health Exchange ,India

For more comprehensive information  Click here
Click for the 2019 Schedule

Samadhan - An NGO in Delhi, India  

Global Health Rotations For First Year through Fourth Year Medical Students.


Dr. Sunanda Gaur (Professor of Pediatrics, Rutgers-RWJMS)  
(732) 235-7894 or gaursu@rwjms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Naveen Mehrotra (Associate clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Rutgers-RWJMS)

For more information follow the  LINK




Airlangga Summer Program (ASP)

Open for international students who are interested in Creative Industry, Indonesian Traditional Medicine, Safari, Pluralism, and Community Health

  • Program duration: 2-4 weeks, around July or August . 

  • Opens for 40 international students

  • Application is due in May 2nd 2017.

  • Program Fee: USD 800 - 1,400/person

  • FREE cultural trip to Bromo National Park

  • Credit transferable: 8 credits in total

  • Kindly check the footage of ASP 2016 HERE

  • For more information, click HERE


Please check back for program availability in Australia.