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(1)Summer Clinical Rotation /Observership program at The Medical University of Graz.


Each participant of the observership will be matched with a faculty member who will serve as their mentor during the observership.  An oberservhsip fee has to be paid. Different fees apply according to the type of observership and length.



(1)Hospital Miguel Servet & University of ZaragozaSCHOOL OF MEDICINE, ZARAGOZA,  SPAIN—Summer of 2015 -Updated, 8/ 5/ 2014


Dates: The didactic program will start Monday, June 1st and Run through Friday, June 29th


The program will run for four weeks and will include:

1- Seminars on the Spanish Health Care System.

2- Clinical Rotations at Psychosomatic Medicine Service, Hospital Miguel Servet. Also an opportunity for students to do rotations at other medical services.

3- Rotations through community primary care clinics with particular emphasis on common medical problems in Spain.

4- Tutoring in Medical Spanish will be provided for students who need to improve their Spanish proficiency.


Zaragoza is a modern and friendly city, plenty of cultural life and entertainment. A guided historical and anthropological tour of the city (buildings, cathedrals, roman ruins) and the region (including sky resorts and national parks at Pyrenees Mountains) will be offered during the last week of the program. 

Estimated Budget* at a Glance :


Approx $35 USD


Total $1050
Transportation (Bus)

Approx $3 USD


Total $100


a. Apartment (shared)-$300-$350/month per student when 2 people share.

b. Hotel-$80 /day


Total price

depending on the apartment vs. Hotel



Approx $700USD (several non stop flight available )  

Medical Spanish Tutoring


Approx $ 25 per hour for each group of five students (about $ 125 total per student



( * Approx= Approximatly )


Local contact: Dr. Javier Escobar

For more detail important information Click Here

Zaragoza Visit guidebook Click here

   Past Student Experiences

Contact the Office of Global Health for more details on this program.

(2) Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

For details contact: Dr. Javier Escobar

(3) Hospital Miguel Servet & Universidad de Zaragoza”


Elective at “University of Limerick’s Graduate Entry Medical School” IRELAND.


Brief description:

  • Electives are only scheduled to start on Mondays and finish on Fridays.
  • Acceptance depends upon the availability of resources at the time of the Elective. The maximum time allowed at University of Limerick is 4 weeks of Elective time per calendar year.
  • Applications must be received 6 months prior to the start of the Elective. All placements are made through the electives office.
  • Electives will only be accepted from Mid-May to late July.
  • The University of Limerick is not responsible for travel or accommodation expenses.
  • Visiting students are responsible for obtaining their own personal health insurance.
  • You are required to provide an original academic transcript, reference from the Dean (or Designate), evidence of full immunity, proof of insurance cover provided by your Medical school, certificate of malpractice indemnity, police clearance certificate and 2 passport size photographs with the applicant name printed on the back. These documents must be submitted at the time of application.
  • Cancellation of a confirmed Elective is considered unprofessional and can result in a letter denoting this unprofessional behaviour being sent to your school.
  • For more information Click here ,Elective Application Form University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School




Elective at "West University of Arad" Romania.


Brief description 


  • Participants will benefit of a 4 weeks internship, 6-8 hours per day, at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Developed for medical students and young physicians eager to know and explore other cultures, as well as the functionality of other healthcare systems.
  • a week of knowledge and understanding of the teaching process at the school of medicine, participating in various curricular and extracurricular activities, accommodation with the location, the culture and the history of the place with our students,
  • a week of participation in activities in primary healthcare services, carried on in the practices of the family physicians in rural or urban environment, or in partner centers of recovery where a first contact with the patient from the Romanian medical system is to take place,
  • a week of participation in clinical activities in the medical academic clinics, depending on the applicants’ field of interest, for instance hematology, oncology, imagery, neurology, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency, cardiology, gastroenterology etc.
  • a week of participation in clinical activities in the surgical academic clinics, depending on the applicants’ field of interest, for instance general surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, orthopedics, multiple traumas, surgical emergencies, etc.
  • by choice, the week of participation in clinical activities may be replaced with research activities carried on at the Institute of Life Sciences
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