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South America

Argentina, Chile & Peru


  • Intensive Medical Spanish Classes
  • Classes begin each Monday.
  • Housing: both apartments and homestays
  • Volunteer opportunities available upon completion of 4-week Spanish course; contact program for more details.
  • See student experience page for RWJMS student experiences with this program.
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CES Medical School- Medellin, Colombia

  • Well supervised rotations through several programs
            - including rural clinics
  • Intensive medical Spanish courses
  • Clinical experiences in OB/Gyn, Peds, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine
  • Classes on Colombian healthcare system
  • Students may stay with local families
  • Max 10 students

Director: Juan E Valencia, MD

Interhealth South America

Clinic and community health work on both individual and group levels Seminar introduction to healthcare provision in South America Observation of primary and community healthcare institutions More emphasis placed on participation in traditional/indigenous rural health activities Tours of Andes Mountain and upper Amazon River basin rainforest sites demonstrating a variety of natural environments Formal medical Spanish language instruction. Interactive introduction to medical interviewing and physical examination in Spanish Family homestay for a portion of the time

The program is most appropriate for those who may prefer working in an international setting on a more group oriented rather than individual basis. Opportunities are available for both beginning Spanish speakers as well as those who have experience with the language.

We remain in Ecuador the entire time to serve in a facilitating role for students, as they work with colleagues in Ecuadorian institutions.

Tropical Disease Institute

Please see Web site for all details to this program as well as other opportunities.


Art of Medicine Course

This highly effective elective provides a unique
clinical experience and combines the best of four worlds:

  • cultural immersion
  • high-quality didactic teaching
  • numerous clinical experiences, and
  • Spanish-language instruction

The base of operations is Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala,
where we serve approximately 10,000 indigenous and
poverty-stricken inhabitants on the North shore of the
magnificently beautiful Lake Atitlán.

The daily schedule allows time for didactic teaching, clinical
practice, and medical and dental health promotion inside and
outside of the Clinic.

  • Space is limited to 10 participants
  • Scholarships Available



Program Topics / Objectives

  • Fostering compassionate and empathic patient relationships
  • Becoming an expert in cultural sensitivity
  • Acquiring practical diagnostic and treatment expertise
  • Alleviating pain and suffering effectively
  • Making the interests of patients of paramount importance
  • Viewing oneself in the patient’s situation
  • Inspiring patient confidence
  • Learning to make personal gratification a secondary consideration


Craig A. Sinkinson, M.D.
President, Mayan Medical Aid 011-502-5525-6603


Unite for Sight

Volunteers may combine dates and participate in more than one session for multiple months if desired.

Click here for current dates if you are interested in volunteering with this organization.


National Autónoma University of Nicaragua-León & University of Nebraska Medical Center - International Studies

Course Description:

The four-week course is an immersion Spanish language study with onsite exposure to primary and community health care in an underdeveloped country.

The course provides one-on-one instruction in the Spanish language, using the facilities of a Spanish language school in Leon. Participants study Spanish language grammar and structure and practice conversing. Due to the individualized nature of the instruction, students at any level of Spanish language knowledge will be able to participate. Students will learn about the delivery of health care in Nicaragua through field trips, visiting Nicaraguan health care facilities, and interaction with Nicaraguan health care professionals. The last week of the course offers hands-on experience at local health facilities in the Leon region.

  • Seminar introduction to health care provision in Nicaragua
  • Observation of primary and community health care programs
  • Individual Spanish instruction
  • Special cultural activities, including two week-end field trips
  • Nicaraguan family homestay


Homestay with a Nicaraguan family for the first three weeks. Hostel-style housing during the last week.


$2100 covers Spanish language instruction, program lectures, homestay with a Nicaraguan family, most meals, airport pickup, housing in Leon and during the field trips, ground transportation for scheduled program activities, and most miscellaneous programs fees.