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Our Programs - South America


Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)

  • First year medical students can apply for a summer program June/July
  • 4 Week Clinical Rotation with Dr. Jorge Gabela, Hostial de Los Valles. Other sites includes Hospital Eugenio Espejo and Hospital Vozandes. Included in program are health sciences classes in English, introduction to Equador's health care system, and a community/rural health experience.
  • Students can stay with host families in the area at a cost of $17 per day
  • Specific Cost: $900 airfare, $500 Family stays, $200 clinical Roation fee, $200 administration fee. Total less than $2000.
  • For Third and Fourth medical students, rotations are available in Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine, Maternal and Child Health, Environmental and Occupational Diseases, as well as Internal Med, General Surgery and Pediatrics.

→ For more information please visit USFQ.


1. Universidad Nacional de la Plata

Local Contact: Dr. Abel Moreyra

Administrative Asst to Dr. Moreyra: Kesha Jenkins

2. Salta and San Salvador de Jujuy

  • Lectures on “Public Health” and the Health Care System in Argentina<
  • Clinical Rotations in primary & speciality care at the Military Hospital in Salta and at Mental Health Clinics in San Salvador de Jujuy.
  • Rotations through community/rural clinics in pediatrics, primary care and infectious diseases in rural areas of Jujuy and in the Andean Mountains
  • Medical Spanish tutoring available
  • Shared apartments and reasonable hotels available

Program Contact: Dr. Maria Calvo

Local Contact: Dr. Javier Escobar

Click here for a link with more details on this program.  Also, contact the Office of Global Health to make an appointment to discuss this program further.

3. Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires

Costa Rica

IHCAI- International Health Central American Institute

  • Intensive 4 Week Medical Spanish Course
  • Primarily classroom-based; utilize simulated patient-physician interactions
  • Emphasis on clinical interview and understanding of cultural differences
  • Emphasis on Tropical Medicine
  • Stay with local Costa Rican family - meals and room are provided
  • Click here for a link to more details on this program

Program Contact: Dr. Mario Tristan

Local Contact: Dr. Javier Escobar

Student Experiences



(1)Universidad del Valle, Cali Columbia.

  • This program is for Surgical Trauma Fellows that will be directed byDrs. Vicente Gracias and Gregory Peck. While the program will start only with fellows we hope to add gradually other residents and eventually, 3rd and 4th year medical students.
  • Click for detailed information

For more information please contact Dr. Peck.


  • The didactic program will start around June 1st and run through June 30th
  • Coordinators:

Dr. Javier I Escobar (RWJMS)

Dr. Juan Jaime Arroyave (CES)

For more detail information Click Here

International student guildline from CES Read

Application Form can be found here

Student Experiences:

(3) Hospital Universitario San Vincente De Paul and Facultad De Medicina Universidad De Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

  • Click for more details

(4) Universidad De Antioquia, Facultad de medicina, Medellin, Colombia

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(5) Fundacion Cardio Infantil, Bogota”


Dominican Republic

We are currently developing a program in the Dominican Republic, Santiago Area, in collaboration with Nursing (Dr. Susan Caplan), Sociology, (Dr. Carlos Decena), and Primary Care (Drs. Karen Lin, JIE and others). More information will be available soon.


"A Promise To Peru" Rural Program, a Collaboration with Stony Brook School of Medicine.

  • Through a collaboration with Stony Brook School of Medicine, there will be 2 openings for students interested in joining this medical mission to a rural area in Peru, that will include a faculty and students from Stony Brook. It is a 2 week Cataract Surgical and Medical Mission program scheduled for June-July.
  • Link to website

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima

  • Medical Spanish Course
  • Global Health Course
  • Opportunities for clinical and basic science research
  • Special emphasis on STI/HIV
  • Projects on adolescents & mental health and nutrition & dental health
  • Students can stay in Miraflores District of Lima
  • Link to website

Program Contact: Dr. Patricia Garcia
Local Contact: Dr. Javier Escobar