grow the r evolution Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is advancing research in the use of blood transfusions. Their work has led to the creation of national guidelines that care givers across the country use for their patients to save lives. look to increase your legacy in medicine Your Gift Planning Team Can Help Contact us for more information about naming Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as a beneficiary of your estate plan, retirement account, or other financial instrument. If you have already included Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in your will, trust, or estate plan, please let us know, as we would like to thank you and provide peace of mind that your gift will be used exactly as you intend. RutgeRs, the state univeRsity OF neW JeRsey COntaCt: Blakely slateR, assOCiate DiReCtOR OFFiCe OF giFt Planning suPPORt.RutgeRs.eDu/giFtPlanning (888)782-3666 RutgeRs univeRsity FOunDatiOn