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50 Robert WoodJohnson
hen I became dean of Robert
Wood Johnson Medical School,
I was not handed a strategic plan or
even a set of goals. However, what I was
given was invaluable. That was a cul-
tural heritage developed and nurtured
from the first dean, DeWitt Stetten Jr.,
through his successors to my predeces-
sor, Dick Reynolds. The culture empha-
sized respect for excellence rather than
size, a real commitment to addressing
societal needs, and above all, placing
great value upon personal and institu-
tional integrity. Thus, it was OK to be
small but good in our scholarship. We
served the community, for example, by
recognizing that the two hospitals in
New Brunswick were unable to provide
adequate primary care to low-income
people and by developing and operating
the Chandler Health Center, then the
only federally qualified health center
sponsored by a medical school. We
served society by responding to the
AAMC call for "3000 by 2000" and
establishing programs that brought us
near the top of the list, nationwide, in
the diversity of our medical students. I
note with some dismay that one of the
key elements of that initiative, the fed-
eral HCOP grants, seems slated for
oblivion in the current budget cycle.
We also heeded the call for enhancing
adult primary care and, quite early on,
developed strong programs in general
internal medicine and family medicine.
Our commitment to personal and in-
stitutional integrity brought us un-
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Jessica Blume
practices at Bergen
County Medical Associates.
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The Princeton Spine and Joint Center was
formed by
Grant Cooper
Bracilovic, MD '04
Danielle Perret Karimi
writes: "I was
appointed associate dean for graduate
medical education at the University of
California, Irvine School of Medicine. My
primary faculty appointment is neuro-
surgery/physical medicine and rehabilita-
tion. I am busy with 1- and 3-year-old
boys at home. I absolutely love medical
education/medical administration and am
so blessed to be entrusted with a leader-
ship role relatively junior in my career."
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Rebecca Deeley
tices at the Special Care Nursery in The
Birthplace at Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare,
in Utica, New York.
Sunita Nankoo
is a mem-
ber of the medical staff of Riverview
Medical Center and Bayshore Community
Phillip Seibell
is a member of the
medical staff at Wisconsin-based Rogers
Behavioral Health­Tampa Bay. He com-
pleted his residency in general psychiatry
at Mount Sinai Hospital and was the pri-
mary psychiatrist for obsessive-compulsive
disorder and related conditions at the
Center of Excellence at the Mount Sinai
School of Medicine.
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Bao Chau Minh
is the CEO of BCT Medical
Associates in New Jersey.
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Keith Baldwin
practices pediatric
orthopedics at the CHOP Specialty Care
Center of the Children's Hospital of
Pennsylvania in Princeton.
Jennifer Tan
practices at
NorthStar Dermatology in Keller, Texas.
She completed her residency at the Harvard
Combined Dermatology Residency Training
Program and served as chief resident.
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Abhishek Aphale
practices dermatol-
ogy in Elmer, N.J.
Sujoy Menon
practices radiology at
CarePoint Health in Hudson County.
Jennifer Vazquez-Bryan
practices at
the Orange Regional Medical Group
Department of Primary Care.
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Michael Yang
and Kesi Chen, MD,
were married in September 2014. He is a
third-year family medicine resident at
Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia.
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Jennifer Reese
and John Cheever were
married in June. She is an intern at Mount
Sinai Hospital in New York.
F o r m e r R e s i d e n t s
Jana Janco
was recently elected as the
delegate of the American Medical
Association Women Physicians Section.
J. Christopher Mendler
appointed medical director of HNH
Fitness, Holy Name Medical Center's
medically based fitness center in Oradell.
I n M e m o r i a m
Stanley Hegg, MMS '70, MD
Robert Rosado, MD '76
passed away on November 21, 2014.
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