Overseeing Emergency Medicine Chair Has Guided the Department through Major Change an Evolution: R obert M. Eisenstein, MD, is the type of person who sees something that needs to be done and then goes out and does it. Whether it’s bringing a new program to fruition or helping build a fledging department, Dr. Eisenstein cannot rest until his goal is accomplished—and even then, there’s always another issue to be tackled, another goal to be reached. These days, much like when he began his role as vice chair of emergency medicine in 2005, those goals have a lot to do with the expansion and evolution of the department. At that time, Dr. Eisenstein and two other full-time employees formed the entirety of the emergency medicine faculty on Robert Wood Johnson Medical School’s New Brunswick campus. Today, as associate professor and chair, Department of Emergency Medicine (ED), Dr. Eisenstein oversees 28 full-time and per-diem faculty in a thriving department that treats more than 72,000 emergency patients each year at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ) and is among the most efficient in the country. BY BETH-ANN KERBER • PORTR AIT BY STEVE HOCKSTEI N Robert Wood Johnson I MEDICINE 21