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10 Robert WoodJohnson
t's a shock for parents whose child was normal and
healthy just a few hours earlier," says Sudipta
Roychowdhury, MD, clinical assistant professor of
radiology, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and
director, interventional neuroradiology, at Robert
Wood Johnson University Hospital, who had to
explain to Marc and MaryAnn Blumstein what had
just happened to Christina and how he and his col-
leagues would work to save her life.
"I'm feeling great. I think I've recovered
really well," says Christina Blumstein (above),
with her team of lifesaving physicians from
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital:
Sudipta Roychowdhury, MD, clinical
assistant professor of radiology (standing, left);
Gaurav Gupta, MD, neurosurgeon and
assistant professor of surgery (standing, right);
and Rachana Tyagi, MD, assistant professor
of surgery and director, pediatric neurosurgery.