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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
The Eric B. Chandler Health Center
obert Wood Johnson
Medical School
is a leader
in promoting humanism in
medicine and cultural compe-
tency training through community
health initiatives. One of the four
core missions of the school,
community health promotion is
intricately woven into the learning
environment through partnerships
and collaborations within the
community and abroad.
The school's
Eric B. Chandler
Health Center
, operated jointly
with a Community Board, strives
to eliminate barriers to obtaining
quality, family-oriented primary
and dental health care for its
diverse, multicultural population
by providing comprehensive
acute and chronic care to patients
of all ages.
Chandler Health
Center serves as an important
teaching facility for medical
students and residents
, where
the psychosocial aspects of illness
and the understanding of culturally
competent care, family dynamics,
social and community issues,
and principles of prevention and
community health are nurtured.
Responsible for approximately
55,000 patient encounters
annually, Chandler also hosts or
participates in health screenings
and seminars to improve health
education for community
The New Brunswick Community
Interpreter Project
, a program of
the Office of Community Health,
addresses the growing need to
serve patients who do not speak
English as a first language. The
program employs undergraduate
and graduate bilingual, Spanish-
speaking students at Rutgers
to serve as medical interpreters
at the Eric B. Chandler Health
Center. In addition, the program
trains staff at patient treatment
centers throughout the medical
school and New Brunswick, to
help lessen barriers to quality
health care. The medical school
also works closely with local civic
and government organizations to
address healthcare disparities to
improve access to social services
as well as to quality health care.
The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
istinct to the medical school
is the
Department of
Pediatrics' Boggs Center on
Developmental Disabilities
New Jersey's federally designated
University Center for Excellence
in Developmental Disabilities
Education, Research, and
. For more than 30 years,
The Boggs Center has educated
university students, provided
community training and technical
assistance, conducted research,
and disseminated information to
promote the health, well-being,
and community inclusion of
children and adults with disabili-
ties. The center is an important
educational resource for medical
students, who spend part of their
third year learning best practices
in family-centered care of children
with developmental disabilities.
The Boggs Center also works
with the
Department of Family
Medicine and Community
to provide care coordina-
tion for adults with developmental
The Eric B.
Health Center
serves as an important
teaching facility for
medical students and
residents to learn about
health disparities and
develop culturally
competent skills to care
for an underserved