6 Research News By Kate O’Neill Research Grants The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded grants of $1 million or more to the following members of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School faculty: • Lisa Denzin, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics, coinvestigator on “A New Retroviral Restriction Factor,” a five-year subcontract totaling $1,543,322. • Joseph Dougherty, PhD, professor of pharmacology, a three-year, $1,174,957 R33 grant from the NIH’s Targeting Persistent HIV Reservoirs (TAPHIR) program to study “Specific Activation of Latent HIV-1 by Inhibiting E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Activity.” • Zhiping Pang, PhD, assistant professor of neuroscience and cell biology, a five-year, $1,755,384 R01 grant for “Deciphering the Neural Basis of Alcohol Use Disorders Using Human and Mouse Neurons.” In addition, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School faculty members received grants of $1 million or more from other funding sources: • Benjamin Crabtree, PhD, professor of family medicine and community health, and a team led by investigators at Oregon Health & Science University, a $13.4 million federal grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for “EvidenceNOW—Advancing Heart Health in Primary Care.” Robert Wood Johnson Medical School received a $2.6 million portion of the award. • Roseanne Dobkin, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry, a $1,193,434 grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research for “Improving Access to Depression Care in Parkinson’s Disease: A Telehealth Approach.” 7 8 6: Michael Rosenberg, MMS ’74, MD, enjoys talking about the practice of neurology. 7: The Great Hall was filled with students and alumni. 8: Sonia Garcia Laumbach, MD ’99, discusses the future with students. 9: Paul Jenkins, MD ‘86, and Gary Buck, MD, ’93, explain career choices in anesthesiology. —Continued on page 42 9 Robert Wood Johnson I MEDICINE 41