COURTESY OF KATHERINE TEETS GRIMM, MMS ’69, MD Camp Kilmer—and my name was included on a published article, coauthored by Dr. [Walter] Schlesinger, Dr. [Harriet] Rouse, and Dr. [William] Strohl. They were amazing! “Even as first-year students, we had strong training in the behavioral sciences, seeing patients at the psychiatric hospital,” she adds. “All this took place under the leadership and vision of the school’s founders and the first dean, Dr. [DeWitt] Stetten [Jr., MD, PhD].” —Continued on page 50 For more than a decade, women have made up over 50 percent of each class at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. In the Class of 1969, however, Dr. Grimm and Sandra Moss, MMS ’69, MD— close friends for almost 50 years—were the only women in their class of 16 students. “What is interesting is that the medical school received a congratulatory letter at that time from the Women’s Medical Association applauding Rutgers Medical School for its high percentage of female students,” says Dr. Grimm. Robert Wood Johnson I MEDICINE 49