Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a meal allowance?

Yes. Residents are provided a meal card with a specified ample amount of meal money proportional to the number of hours worked during Robert Wood Johnson Midfloat and Nightfloat. Funds can be redeemed at specific vendors that utilize Freedom Pay, including the cafeteria.

Is there a book allowance?

Residents are offered $600.00 USD yearly to cover costs of purchased books and/or society dues.

How many vacation days are offered?

In addition to 8 university recognized holidays, residents get 20 vacation days for each academic year. For every holiday worked, residents get either a compensation day or holiday pay.

Is there a call room?

We have 2 call rooms. There is a dedicated radiology call room with a PACS-Station, bed, private bathroom, TV, and phone. There is also a newly constructed call room for each department, including radiology.

Is there time to attend conferences? If so, is there funding for conference attendance?

Residents who are accepted to present as first author at nationally recognized conferences are granted dedicated “Conference Time” separate from their vacation days. The program pays for expenses accumulated for 3 days, 2 nights of a given conference attendance.

What is the curriculum for the program?

We offer a comprehensive curriculum covering the fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Physics and Nuclear Medicine that residents are expected to know for board examination preparation and eventual career as future radiologists. Please refer to the Curriculum link on the website for a template conference schedule and details regarding how a yearly rotation schedule per year of residency.

What are some academic resources available to the residents?

Residents have individualized subscriptions to StatDX and RadPrimer. As members of the American Board of Radiology, American College of Radiology, and Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, residents have access to their online and physical disseminated news bulletins and other academic resources. Additionally, all residents have access to the full compendium of the Rutger’s University Library, with the ability to access digital and physical copies of Radiographics and other popular journals.

Is there opportunity to perform research. If so, whom do I contact?

Research is a pivotal aspect of the residency program. All residents are required to engage in a Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance project, as well as an academic research project with a faculty member of their choosing. The residency Program Director, Associate Program Directors, and Chairman of the Department of Radiology are all available in recommending research projects if any questions regarding research opportunity arise. Residents are able to take a dedicated 1-month long research elective in their fourth year of residency.


If there are other questions, please feel free to contact our Residency Program Coordinator, Jasmine Allen.