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Community and Global Health

The well-being of our communities is a cornerstone of our mission.

Shaping a Healthier Future for All

Today's rapidly changing world demands physicians with a deep understanding of diverse cultures, emerging health challenges, and the unfortunate health gaps faced by many. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School's community and global health initiatives foster partnerships and connections to enhance health outcomes through patient care, education, research, and public service for vulnerable individuals worldwide.

Transformative Programs

Explore many opportunities to make a profound difference during your time at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School by engaging in our community health programs, helping underserved populations in the Greater New Brunswick area and beyond.

The Eric B. Chandler Health Center is a comprehensive, family-oriented federally qualified community health center operated by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Eric B. Chandler Community Board.

The programs offered through the Homeless and Indigent Population Health Outreach Project (HIPHOP) allow students to engage in unique service-learning opportunities where the surrounding community becomes the classroom.

The Community Interpreter Project is an educational program that relies on a team of paraprofessional student interpreters to support the comprehensive language access program at the Eric B. Chandler Health Center.

The South Asian Total Health Initiative (SATHI) works to improve the overall health of South Asians through the empowerment of the South Asian health care consumer, the promotion of culturally competent health care, and the reduction of health care disparities.

This collaborative effort between Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and our community partners aims to promote health and wellness in the greater New Brunswick area through various programs and initiatives, including the Alliance for a Healthier New Brunswick.

As New Jersey’s federally designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities program, The Boggs Center prepares students through interdisciplinary training, provides community training and technical assistance, conducts research, and disseminates information and educational materials.

Project ECHO is a virtual health education and mentoring program improving population health in New Jersey. We bring together multidisciplinary professionals for collaborative trainings on public health issues such as maternal health, diabetes management, addiction, and mental health. ECHOs are a critical way to build informed communities within a powerful learning environment that reduces health care disparities and drives systemic change.

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