Mission/Goals, Membership Benefits, Policies

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Institute for Excellence in Education at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is to equip current and future medical trainees and practicing physicians with the tools to educate peers and trainees in educational methodology, patient care advances and cutting edge medical technology, with the ultimate goal of propagating health and wellness to patients through the final step of translational medicine . To deliver this mission, the institution has established two pathways:

  • Medical Education Scholarship Learning Community which seeks to:
    • Support all educators and researchers across the continuum of medical education at Rutgers RWJMS.
    • Stimulate interest in medical education scholarship.
    • Provide faculty development in medical education and research.
    • Provide assistance for medical education research.
  • Academy of Medical Educators
    • To recognize outstanding RWJMS faculty who are committed to and have distinguished themselves in medical education scholarship as well as teaching.
    • To join a group of medical education experts who provide support for faculty who are actively pursuing educational research and for who aspire to advance their teaching skills.
    • Faculty are nominated by peers and applications are reviewed by the Institute’s Steering Committee.

Our goals include development and dissemination of best teaching practices; promotion of interprofessional and interdepartmental collaboration in pursuit of academic achievement; and increased educational innovation, research, scholarship and dissemination.




Medical Education Scholarship Learning Community Activities:

Teaching Series

The purpose of this professional development series is to assist in improving RWJMS medical educators’ knowledge and skills in: teaching, curriculum design, learner feedback, and assessment. By attending the series, members will:

  • Gain an understanding of adult learning principles and learn how to apply these skills to various clinical settings.
  • Gain a common understanding about the criteria of effective teaching.
  • Observe, recognize, and comment about specific teaching techniques that promote learner-centered learning.
  • Deepen their understanding of instructional concepts and teaching processes.
  • Join a community of educators who strive for teaching excellence
  • N.B. Those contemplating membership in the academy should have completed this series or a comparable educational program here or at another institution

Medical Education Research Interest Group

This group meets every month to assist RWJMS educators in development of medical education scholarship.  Participants will:

  • Brainstorm ideas to develop an investigational question and study design.
  • Align with others from RWJMS to form research and writing groups, increasing productivity.
  • Receive support in writing grants and IRB applications.
  • Give and receive feedback on works in progress.

How to Join

Medical Education Scholarship Learning Community

The Medical Education Scholarship Learning Community and its activities are open to all faculty at RWJMS. Simply sign up for any of the activities listed on our website. http://rwjms.rutgers.edu/education/iee/events 

For more information, contact:

           Sarang Kim MD, Associate Director, IEE: sarang.kim@rutgers.edu




Selection criteria for Membership to Academy of Medical Educators:

  • Active RWJMS teaching faculty. Faculty titles be should be unmodified but modified titles will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Accomplishments/participation in medical education scholarship efforts at RWJMS and at regional/national levels. Scholarship will be defined broadly as peer reviewed manuscripts, abstracts and extramural presentations/workshops; successful implementation of educational materials and methodologies
  • Commitment to IEE’s Medical Education Scholarship Learning Community’s activities.


Responsibilities for Membership to Academy of Medical Educators:

  • Previously selected Academy Members will continue as members, but will be held to continuing membership requirements as the new inductees
  • After an initial application and acceptance (see below), all members must lead or participate in at least one Learning Community activity.
  • Membership term is for one year and is automatically renewed if the member fulfills a minimum of credits (10). Examples of credits include:
    • Monthly Teaching Series (1 credit per session; leading a session is 2 credits)
    • Monthly Medical Education Research Interest Group (1 credit per session)
    • Publication in a peer-reviewed journal (3 credits)
    • Leading an approved RWJMS-based faculty development program (2 credits)
    • Presentation of original work at a regional, national or international conference (5 credits)
    • Leadership position in regional or national professional development group (3 credits)
    • Peer observation of another Member’s teaching activity with feedback (1 credit)
    • Active participation as a facilitator and curriculum contributor in Patient Centered Medicine, Foundational Sciences, or the curriculum renewal effort (10 credits)

How to Join

Academy of Medical Educators

To be selected as a member of the Academy of Medical Educators, a completed application form, CV, teaching portfolio and letter of support should be submitted by June 1, 2020 to:

           Carol A. Terregino, Founding Director, IEE: terregca@rwjms.rutgers.edu