Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) oversees all school-sponsored, student events and organizations. Completely student-run, SGA represents the entire Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student body and serves as the students’ voice to the administration. SGA serves as a direct link between students and the faculty, staff, and alumni. SGA also obtains the opinion of the student body regarding issues that come up throughout the year, and organizes town hall meetings to discuss these issues. SGA works closely with all of the student organization leaders in order to foster collaboration among student leaders, thereby creating meaningful large-scale events that meet the needs of the student body. SGA provides financial support to enable these many events. The Student Wellness branch of the College Advising Program is run by the SGA. Student Wellness programming is organized to promote the physical and mental well-being of the student body as well as to promote intra- and inter-class camaraderie.

Current Student Leaders - Class of 2021

Sneha Swaminathan President
Ashley Landesman VP of Student Wellness
and CAP
Kathy Zhang VP of Medical Education
Steven Xie VP of Surgical Education
Farsha Rizwan VP of Multicultural Affairs
Ardi Mendoza Treasurer

Class of 2020

Vijay Putatunda

Class of 2019

Joshua Felton Gilens

Class of 2018

Hank Ashforth

Class of 2017

Anousheh Shafa

Class of 2016

Elliot Sultanik