Visiting Students

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School uses VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunities program) to receive visiting student applications. For the 2018–2019 Academic Year, applications may be submitted starting on April 4, 2018, but students should not expect to hear back until starting June 4th. To apply, please complete the VSLO application process for your preferred electives & dates. For more information on our visiting student electives, please contact:

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Office of the Registrar
675 Hoes Lane, Room TC-111
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-5635




Students must be enrolled at a U.S. LCME-accredited medical school or a participating COCA accredited AACOM member college and are applying for senior (4th year) away electives. Please note that pre-clinical and 3rd year medical students are not eligible to apply for enrollment. Thoroughly review the application requirements below and complete the appropriate forms. Once completed, you will need to upload them onto your VSLO application as we will not be able to do this for you. ALL correspondence for visiting students is via EMAIL. No phone calls will be accepted unless returning a call from the Registrar's Office.

Attention Foreign Medical School Students:

VSLO is not currently available for international students or students enrolled at Canadian medical schools to use. For additional information, we refer you to our Global Health Office where they can inform you about our current opportunities. Please contact Dr. Javier Escobar, Dean of Global Health, or Ms. Christina Rozario, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Global Health at: 732-235-6383 or by electronic mail at:

Although we do not accept International Students for our established clerkships & electives, our participation in the GHLO will provide access to other GHLO participant institutions through our Office of Global Health's "International Experiences" program. These are typically a 4-week, structured rotation supervised by Global Health Faculty.

Students from participating institutions worldwide can also pursue clinical, research, and public health electives outside their home country through Global Health Learning Opportunities® (GHLO®).

Please complete the following:

  1. Visiting Student Immunization Form
  2. Essential Functions Form
  3. Provide a Copy of a Background Check having been completed within one (1) year of the anticipated start date of the elective.

Additional information:
- Our background check is done through CastleBranch. Click on the link and you will be directed to their website. Once on the site, click on Place Order and enter RU35 as the package code.
- Please notify RWJMS that you are requesting a Background Check through our services by completing the Criminal Background Check Notification Form and sending it with your application.


NOTE: Once an elective is offered and accepted, there is a non-refundable $75.00 processing fee due for each elective you have accepted. Please make the check payable to "Rutgers RWJMS" and send it to the address listed for the Contact Person. If payment is not received within 2 weeks from the date of acceptance, you will be withdrawn from the elective.




In addition to completing the tasks above, please note that RWJMS requires visiting students to have the following:

  1. Passing USMLE Step 1 score or passing COMLEX-USA 1 score if you are an osteopathic medical school student
  2. Mask Fit Test
  3. BLS certification
  4. OSHA certification
  5. Medical liability/malpractice insurance

Please note: Pre-Clinical and 3rd Year students are not eligible to apply for enrollment


  • All forms must be received no later than eight weeks prior to the start of the rotation.


*Osteopathic Medical School Students may only apply 6 weeks prior to the start of the elective * There is a one (1) week window to get all documentation received, reviewed & accepted, since all courses close 5 weeks (35 days) prior to the start of the Elective.


Acceptance into an elective is based upon receipt of the properly completed application forms. If you wish to apply for more than one elective, please use one application form per elective. You do not need to fill out duplicates of the other forms. Use RWJMS course numbers to identify the electives you choose.

The Elective selections are available on the Web at: → RWJMS Elective Book


  • You must follow our elective block rotation dates. In addition, no visiting student may accumulate more than 16 weeks of electives.

2018 - 2019 Elective Blocks

Block 1 07/02/18 - 07/27/18
Block 2 07/30/18 - 08/24/18
Block 3 08/27/18 - 09/21/18
Block 4 09/24/18 - 10/19/18
Block 5 10/24/18 - 11/16/18
Block 6 11/19/18 - 12/14/18
Vacation 12/17/18 - 01/01/19
Block 7 01/02/19 - 01/25/19
Block 8 01/28/19 - 02/22/19
Block 9 02/25/19 - 03/22/19
Block 10 03/25/19 - 04/19/19
Block 11 04/22/19 - 05/17/19
Block 12 05/20/19 - 06/14/19
















ALL correspondence for Visiting Students is via EMAIL. No phone calls will be accepted unless returning a call from the Registrar's Office.


For more information on VSAS, please visit the VSAS Home Page or contact VSAS at Email address: or Phone Number: (202) 478-9878.