Support Medical School Students

No one better appreciates a medical school’s costs and benefits than its alumni. Looking back, many physicians clearly recall their own balancing act between studying and paying bills. Today, medical student debt is a national challenge. Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School students receive an exceptional education, however, their indebtedness reached a median of $180,000 in 2018, 11% more than the national debt average.

Through their generous gifts, alumni at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School are helping to ensure the future of academic excellence at the medical school by providing students with scholarships. In 2018, their impact will be even more monumental.

Chancellor Brian Strom has introduced an initiative titled the "Chancellor's Scholarship Challenge" for the medical school. Chancellor Strom's office has committed to matching up to $1 million of donations made to Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student scholarships! Every donation up to $25,000 to medical school scholarships will be matched 1:1, new donations (those from someone who has never donated) will be matched 2:1, and faculty alumni donations will be matched 2:1. Essentially, the impact for our students will be doubled, and sometimes, tripled.

Click here to support students scholarships. The Alumni Association and the entire Robert Wood Johnson Medical School family thank you for your generous contributions and continued support.