Healthier New Brunswick



Improve the health and healthcare of New Brunswick residents through community-based partnerships.

Organizing Partners

Healthier New Brunswick (HNB) is a collaborative effort between New Brunswick Tomorrow (convener of the Health Task Force), Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Office of Community Health (convener of the Alliance for a Healthier New Brunswick), Johnson & Johnson, and the City of New Brunswick.

Community Partners

HNB helps empower the community by engaging leadership that cuts across diverse disciplines. The strengths of the Healthier New Brunswick are found in its network of partnerships throughout the city of New Brunswick. As such, Healthier New Brunswick is a collective effort comprised of many individuals and organizations within the city of New Brunswick: including, city residents, community-based organizations, local hospital systems, businesses, academic and educational organizations, local and regional governments, service organizations, faith-based networks, and health organizations.


Partners work together to:

  • Build on the diverse partnerships that promote health and wellness in the greater New Brunswick community;
  • Improve communication to create awareness of community health improvement efforts, priorities and available resources;
  • Minimize the duplication of efforts around community health services; and
  • Provide a forum for exchange and coordination to address community health needs; including, funding, educational workshops, training, and other health services.

Structure and Areas of Focus

Healthier New Brunswick’s stakeholder partners are convened by New Brunswick Tomorrow’s Health Task Force and RWJMS’ Alliance for a Healthier New Brunswick. Additional support is provided Johnson & Johnson and the City of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Tomorrow’s Health Task Force engages diverse community stakeholders to identify, analyze and develop solutions to complex health issues facing residents.

  • Engages the community to raise awareness and promote city-wide initiatives targeting resident needs; and
  • Initiates dialogue and collaborations among community stakeholders in identifying, developing, and implementing community health initiatives.

To learn more, see New Brunswick Tomorrow’s Health Task Force.

Alliance for a Healthier New Brunswick, convened by Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School works to strengthen existing health services and systems and to develop new community health strategies in support of the HNB Initiative.

  • Facilitates workgroups and coalitions to address health needs through recognized community health data and agendas i.e. Healthy People 2020; and,
  • Develops and implements assessments to measure and grow capacity of HNB initiatives.

To learn more, see Alliance for a Healthier New Brunswick

Johnson & Johnson is a valued partner within our community providing resources and business acumen to initiatives that contribute to meeting the health needs of the community.

The City of New Brunswick lends its support in developing avenues for health improvement and is committed to the overall well-being of city residents.

Within this structure and with these four specific areas of focus, HNB is committed to engaging community members in the process of developing a systems approach to health improvement - both to inform, and be informed - fostering a mutual, reciprocal relationship that presumes to include educational, preventive, and other broad-based interventions.