SATHI Program - Overview

The South Asian Total Health Initiative (SATHI) is a comprehensive multifaceted initiative created at the Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers-RWJMS) .

The mission of SATHI is to improve the total health of South Asians through the empowerment of the South Asian healthcare consumer, the promotion of culturally competent healthcare, and the reduction of health care disparities.

The goals of SATHI are to:

  • Promote and conduct research on South Asian health
  • Address health disparities and improve the delivery of culturally competent health care
  • Educate, engage and empower the community to promote wellness and health literacy
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to health care policy makers and other key stakeholders and constituency groups.




Dr. Sunanda Gaur serves as the Director of SATHI. This program has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Robert C. Like from the Center for Healthy Families and Cultural Diversity in the Department of Family Medicine at Rutgers and other interested individuals from the South Asian community in New Jersey.

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