A patient undergoing a computed tomography (CT) scan

Department of Radiation Oncology

Committed to training innovative clinicians, providing compassionate care, and enhancing cancer treatment outcomes through radiation therapy. 

Department Overview

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and its affiliated hospitals is a leading institution dedicated to patient care, research, and education in cancer treatment. With a focus on clinical excellence and innovation, the department offers a wide range of radiation oncology services and comprehensive training programs for future medical professionals. 

Bruce Haffty

Our goal is to deliver high quality medical care and services to patients, conduct clinical, translational and basic scientific research, provide educational opportunities to patients, health care workers, and the community. Through our mission and goals we seek to improve treatment and outcomes of cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Bruce Haffty, MD

Chair, Radiation Oncology Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Programs

Our Team

Meet the esteemed faculty within the Department of Radiation Oncology who offer invaluable expertise and guidance in leading-edge medical research and patient care.

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