Stacey Paulus
Hello and welcome to the Rutgers/RWJMS CRNA website. CRNA stands for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. We are a highly skilled group of advanced practice nurses with masters and/or Doctorate degrees. We work in a care team model with our attending anesthesiologist colleagues. We provide anesthetics for a wide variety of cases including cardiac, pediatrics and obstetrics. We work together in a professional, collegial environment that is both challenging and exciting. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our team.
Bruno Beja-Umukoro
Aleksandr Myachikov CRNA
Susan Bauer
Temitope Ajibade
Mariah McGrory
Bryan Gaeta CRNA
David McNally
Christa Joy Villaluna CRNA
Michael Konstantinovsky CRNA
Maciej "Matt" Nawracaj
Maria Tobias
Joseph Ebert
Vivian Gao
Mamdoh Michael
Kim Trojak CRNA
Donglei Yan CRNA
Hosana Tordecilla
Hosana is graduated with her BSN from the Rutgers College of Nursing in 2005. After working at Memorial Sloan Kettering for 10 years, she returned to Rutgers to complete her MSN in Nurse Anesthesia. She enjoys caring for all patients, especially those requiring pediatric and cardiac anesthesia.
Timothy Shi
Vanessa Rodriguez
Rachael Landgraf CRNA Part Time
Rachel completed her BSN from the University of Michigan in 2009. She worked in the Adult Intensive Care Unit at Geisinger Medical Center before obtaining her MSN from Villanova University (VU) in 2015. She finished her education in 2018 by completing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) at VU. Rachel presently works as a DNP advisor for current Nurse Anesthesia students at VU.
Daphne Anudon CRNA Per Diem
Claire Latourette CRNA
Jessica Grevenson CRNA Per Diem
Alison Groden CRNA Per Diem
Bernadette Antunes CRNA Per Diem
Folasade Ajisegbede CRNA Per Diem
Alexandra Rozhitsky CRNA Per Diem
Andres Sepulveda CRNA Per Diem
Catherine Gerace Quigley CRNA Per Diem
Tatiana Figueroa CRNA Per Diem
Tom Zimmerman CRNA Per Diem
Susan Welsh CRNA Per Diem
Sonja Schwartzbach CRNA Per Diem
Elzbieta Samojluk CRNA
Nancy Tuano CRNA