Departmental Research

Faculty Research and Faculty Academic Opportunities

Faculty, fellows, residents, and students have a great opportunity to engage in academic and scholarly activities at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School’s Department of Anesthesia. We consider participation in scholarly activities to be an essential component of education and faculty development.

Oak Z. Chi M.D.
Phone: (732)-235-7827
Fax: (732) -235-6131


Xia Liu, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (732) 235-7827
Fax: (732) 235-6131

The major focus of our research laboratory has been to investigate, how the integrity of the blood- brain barrier(BBB) and cerebral microregional oxygen balance could be altered by anesthetics in various pathological conditions. In addition, intracellular signaling, neurotransmitters, and various factors and receptors have been investigated in focal cerebral ischemia. Recently, we are studying microregional oxygen balance in an animal model of tuberous sclerosis-autism spectrum disorders and the role of mTOR related pathways in BBB disruption during early cerebral ischemia-reperfusion. 

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Over the past 24 months our department has:

  1. Co-edited 2 textbooks
  2. Authored 23 book chapters
  3. Published and presented over 100 Abstracts and Poster Presentations at national meetings
  4. Published 9 manuscripts
  5. The Faculty has engaged in 6 International Medical Missions
  6. Developed and published International Clinical Protocols
  7. Had Faculty members serve on key educational committees for national anesthesia societies

We are currently engaged in 7 IRB-approved clinical research trials, and one IRB-approved basic research project. We also have 11 clinical research projects that are pending IRB review.