We are committed to helping our residents be as prepared as possible for their ABA Basic and Advanced Examinations, along with the ABA Oral Examination. There is dedicated four hour protected didactic time every week for all residents. The didactic program consists of individualized curricula for each training year as well as combined didactics.

Combined Didactics

Weekly Wednesday morning from 6:30-8:30 which includes lectures and Grand Rounds consisting of either clinical case presentations, journal club, M&M or invited outside speaker.

CA-1 Lecture Series

The CA-1 lecture series focuses on preparation for the new ABA Basic Exam that follows the CA-1 year. This lecture series is a weekly lecture on Wednesday morning from 9-11 am. Every CA-1 is relieved from all clinical duties to attend these lectures.

CA-2 and CA-3 Lecture Series

The CA-2/3 lecture series focuses on advanced topics and takes a more in-depth approach to both fundamental physiology and pharmacology, along with the subspecialties of anesthesia. This lectures series is designed to provide a foundation for the ABA advanced written board examination. Lectures occur weekly on Wednesday from 11-1pm (CA-2s) and 1-3 pm (CA-3s) just as the CA-1 lecture series, all CA-2/3 residents are relieved from clinical duties.