Resident Advocacy

Shivam Mital (CA2)

NJSSA Resident Delegate – Executive Committee
ASA Resident Delegate - State of N.J.

He is our resident representative for the New Jersey State Society of Anesthesiologists (NJSSA). NJSSA represents and supports NJ anesthesiologists both on the local and national level. One of his main initiatives as your representative is our commitment to supporting NJ’s anesthesiology residents and fellows during your training and beyond.

Cara Esser (CA3) - Representative: Graduate Medical Education

Marc Beckerman (CA2) - Representative:  Graduate Medical Education

TBD - Delegate: Committee of Interns and Residents

CIR represents the residents under Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, along with other residency programs across the nation. They play a crucial role in negotiating our residency contracts and assuring the residents' best interest is represented. Examples include call meal allowances, compensation days/extra pay for holidays worked, reimbursement for conferences/books/etc