Martha C. Soto, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Education

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA - B.S. Biology

Graduate Education

  • Harvard Medical School - Boston, MA - Ph.D. - Genetics

Postgraduate Training

  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center - Worcester, MA

Areas of Interest

  • Cell Polarity
  • Embryonic Morphogenesis
  • Developmental Genetics

Current Research 

Current projects in the lab focus on the role of the GEX complex, a regulator of the actin cytoskeleton, in polarized events during development including epidermal cell migration, epithelial cell polarization and regulated nuclear movements.

Dr. Soto has also focused on how the actin cytoskeleton is established and maintained to promote the exquisitely polarized movements of cells during development.  The WAVE/SCAR genes she studies are mutated in many human cancers and in diseases of neuronal development.



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Dr. Soto's Research Laboratory


A list of publications can be found here.