Division of Experimental Pathology

The Department of Pathology supports research as an important academic mission for our faculty and staff. The research interests and activities of our faculty cover a broad range that includes basic science as well as clinical and translational research. Particular areas of strength in the basic sciences include biomedical imaging, developmental genetics, cell polarity and morphogenesis, extracellular matrix, and protein folding and molecular motors.

The Division of Experimental Pathology seeks to elucidate molecular mechanisms of complex processes, to understand biological processes in normal and disease states, and to utilize insights into mechanisms for the rational development of therapies. The Division consists of faculty, staff, fellows and students who are engaged in basic and/or translational research, teaching, and related scholarly activities. The Division is located on the second floor of the Research Tower on the Piscataway (Busch) campus of Rutgers University.

The interests, efforts and projects of our faculty can be found here.