Clinical Rotations

The Department of Psychiatry's educational goal is to provide an individualized foundation

to our trainees that stimulates professional growth and integrity. Our experienced and dedicated faculty skillfully integrate clinical experience, supervision, didactics and research into our education-training programs.

Graduate medical education is based on the principle of progressively increasing levels of responsibility in caring for patients under the supervision of the faculty. Use the links provided for a brief description of the individual year levels.

Call schedule

All 24 hour call is taken at UBHC in Piscataway. When on call, the residents are responsible for coverage on the Adult and Adolescent Inpatient Services, in addition to walk-in/emergency calls. 

  • PGY-I: No psychiatry call will be taken while on internal medicine or emergency medicine rotations. In addition, PGY-I residents are not responsible for call on weekends or holidays. PGY-I residents will be paired with a senior resident for the first six calls in order to ease the transition from medical student to resident.
  • PGY II: The PGY-II resident is on call on average every sixth or seventh night. PGY-II residents are responsible for taking call on weekends and holidays.
  • PGY-III: PGY-III residents are responsible for supervisory call of new PGY-I residents at UBHC approximately once per month, up to six per year, and are exempt from call on weekends and holidays.
  • PGY-IV: No call responsibilities 

Promise Clinic

All residents have the opportunity to participate in Promise Clinic, a student-run clinic providing free primary care to uninsured patients of Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen. Our resident-volunteers serve in the role of providing psychiatric consults 

Clinical Curriculum - PGYI
Clinical Curriculum - PGYII
Clinical Curriculum - PGYIII
Clinical Curriculum - PGYIV