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When I was a medical student, I only met two radiologists during those four years, thus receiving only minimal contact with the field. My mother was an X-ray technologist, so I did know a little bit about what radiologists do.

Fast forward – we now have an enthusiastiac radiology residency, each of whom are mentored by faculty with extensive experience in all areas of Radiology.  As you are rotating through Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, Neurology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and other core rotations, you realize how imaging plays such a critical role in managing your patient. Have you seen any of your patients go to surgery without imaging? Any seriously ill patient being treated without imaging? Having a baby without imaging? The answer is most likely no to many of these questions.

Since Radiology is not a standardized core clerkship, we have created electives which will familiarize you with the field and its importance in the management of your patients. These electives are not only intended for students who are thinking about Radiology as a career, but for all medical students, as you will use imaging/Radiology in whatever field of Medicine you are thinking about.

Our Radiology Department welcomes any medical student to observe and find out about the role of imaging in the management of patients.

Alumni Association sponsored events are attended by Radiology residents and faculty to give information to medical students about both the overall field of Radiology, and information regarding careers in Radiology.

Mentoring has been an active part of our clinical responsibility. In fact, over 150 radiologists from RWJ medical students over the last 25 years have gone to pursue careers in Radiology!

Mentors will help you with making a decision about your career, advise you on your strengths and weaknesses, when to take your USMLE II, how to get the best LORs (Letters of Recommendation), how to construct a PS (Personal Statement), where to apply, how to prepare for interviews, etc.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding these matters.


Judith Korek Amorosa, MD
Radiology Clerkship Director and 
Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Academic Affairs


RAD 9000 - Diagnostic Radiology
RAD 9001 - Radiology on the Interview Trail
RAD 9004 - Diagnostic Radiology - Jersey Shore University Medical Center
RAD 9006 - Radiology - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
RAD 9011: Interventional Radiology
RAD 9012 - Chest Radiology
RAD 9015 - Radiology Medical Imaging & Informatics
RAD 9020 - Pediatric Radiology
RAD 9030 - Mammography Elective
MDC 9030 - Online Radiology & Anatomy
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