Translational Medicine:

A doctor who practices translational medicine understands and integrates the scientific underpinnings of clinical medicine in daily practice, analyzes the literature and uses the best evidence in presenting treatment plans, communicates respectfully and effectively in a patient-centered fashion, collaborates with patients and family to devise a treatment plan tailored to the needs and preferences of the patient and devises strategies to reinforce adherence and self-care. The doctor who practices translational medicine brings scientific discovery to the bedside of each and every patient.

To be a nationally recognized center to prepare learners to teach and care for their students and their patients.
Docere et Curare

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Institute for Excellence in Education to equip current and future medical trainees and practicing physicians with the tools to educate peers and trainees in educational methodology, patient care advances and cutting edge medical technology, with the ultimate goal of propagating health and wellness to patients through the final step of  translational medicine.

Founding Director

Carol A. Terregino, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Education and Academic Affairs
Dr. Terregino is supported in part by the  Richard A. Harvey Excellence in Teaching Award Endowment


Associate Director

Sarang Kim, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Education, Department of Medicine