Richard A. Harvey Excellence In Teaching Innovation Award

Dr. Richard A. Harvey

Dr. Harvey is one of three emeritus professors in the Department of Biochemistry and is recognized internationally for his authorship of texts in medical education. Dr. Harvey has established the Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award as a stimulus to teaching excellence by the RWJMS faculty. Dr. Harvey is also a generous supporter of the RWJMS Institute for Excellence in Education.

Nomination Process

The Professor Richard A. Harvey Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award will be administered through the Office of Education. Nominees must be full time faculty in either a basic science or clinical department of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Nominations should be made by the chair and submitted to the Office of Education as a complete packet.

Nominee Requirement

The nominee will submit a personal statement outlining how the award of $3,500 will be used to further innovation in the educational program. Previous awardees are ineligible for the award.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be chosen based on the learner evaluations, educational program activities, and the proposed use of the award. The Selection Committee will be composed of members of the Institute for Excellence in Education.

Nomination period is currently closed. 


Richard A. Harvey Award Recipients:

  • Harvey Award 2018 Nell Maloney Patel, MD
  • Harvey Award 2017 Colleen Donovan, MD
  • Harvey Award 2016 Sarang Kim, MD
  • Harvey Award 2015 Emine Abali, PhD
  • NJHF Excellence in Teaching 2014 Wilbur Pan
  • Harvey Award 2014 Siobhan A. Corbett, MD
  • Harvey Award 2013 Diana Glendinning, PhD