Fourth Year Clerkships

The fourth year consists of eleven four-week blocks and a two-week winter break.

Fourth year required experiences are listed below. One block of the fourth year should be scheduled as independent study for the USMLE Step 2CK and CS. A course in Advanced Cardiac Life Support must be successfully completed before graduation.

All third year clerkships must be completed before taking required fourth year courses. Remediation of core clerkships must be completed no later than November 1 of the academic year of anticipated graduation.

Before graduation, students will be asked to complete the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire. Although it is a voluntary survey, student responses help RWJMS and are important for the accurate collection of local and national data.

Please review the Student Handbook for the overview of the Fourth Year Requirements.

 Academic Calendar 2021–2022

 Academic Calendar 2022–2023

→ 4th Year Electives

Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Selective in Critical Care
Emergency Medicine Clerkship
Neurology Clerkship
Patient Centered Medicine IV
Transitions for Fourth Year
Boot Camps