Third Year Clerkships

Introduction to Clerkship Experience

Introduction to Clerkship Experience is a one-week course designed to introduce students to the third year clinical clerkships. Faculty are involved in teaching a variety of topics including acclimation to the clerkship experience, computer resources, hospital orientation, diagnostic radiology, a clinical procedure workshop, universal precautions, venipuncture training, patient and personal safety in the health care setting, and death and dying.

Patient Centered Medicine III

The principal goals of the PCM-III course are to facilitate the integration of the "art and science" of medicine across all clinical disciplines; promote professionalism, humanism, and culturally competent, patient-centered care in clinical practice; and increase students' understanding of chronic disease management and models of care for the 21st century.

Primary Ambulatory and Community Clerkship Experience (PACCE)

The purpose of the PACCE track is to develop a student’s interest in the primary care specialties and provide an environment in which model primary care is delivered to the patient

PACCE is a track in the third year curriculum that provides time for longitudinal care of patients in the outpatient setting, in addition to training in hospital medicine. The PACCE track was designed to consolidate a third year medical student’s inpatient and outpatient experiences. PACCE students will have the same amount of exposure to each of the core specialties as the students on the traditional track, just in a different format.

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