Third Year Clerkships

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Introduction to Clerkship Experience

Introduction to Clerkship Experience is a one-week course designed to introduce students to the third year clinical clerkships. Faculty are involved in teaching a variety of topics including acclimation to the clerkship experience, computer resources, hospital orientation, diagnostic radiology, a clinical procedure workshop, universal precautions, venipuncture training, patient and personal safety in the health care setting, and death and dying.

Patient Centered Medicine III

The principal goals of the PCM-III course are to facilitate the integration of the "art and science" of medicine across all clinical disciplines; promote professionalism, humanism, and culturally competent, patient-centered care in clinical practice; and increase students' understanding of chronic disease management and models of care for the 21st century.

Primary Ambulatory and Community Clerkship Experience (PACCE)

Research shows that health care outcomes and costs in the United States are strongly linked to the availability of primary care physicians. Primary care reduces hospital emergency visits and provides effective management of long-term chronic illness, both of which help reduce healthcare costs. Primary care helps patients live longer, healthier lives. Primary care is considered the "backbone" of our health care system and the need for primary care physicians is greater now as our health care system continues to change.

Taking the lead to meet this demand, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School offers a three-year accelerated primary care track - the Primary Accelerated Continuity Care Experience (PACCE). After completing this three-year curriculum, students move on to residency at one of the RWJMS affiliated Family Medicine Residency programs.

This track includes early, immersive clinical experiences in family medicine during the pre-clerkship phase of the curriculum and longitudinal primary care experiences during the clerkship phase. Students are engaged in clinical learning during the summer following their first year at RWJMS. 

The program affords students the opportunity to follow patients and their families over time through traditional, in-patient encounters, as well as through ambulatory care experiences. PACCE exposes students to the challenges of managing long-term illnesses and provides insight into the relationship between patient and healthcare provider. The PACCE program provides students the opportunity to experience enhanced continuity of care experiences and continuity of faculty mentorship. Longitudinal relationships between faculty mentors, other health professionals, patients and a medical student cohort are salient features of the track. 

Students in the accelerated track are responsible for all pre-clerkship and clerkship requirements. Students  have ample opportunity to explore and learn in hospital and other acute care settings in addition to the primary care environment. This track aims to show learners the joy of primary care and prepare them to function as resident physicians at the end of three years.

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