Financial Aid

In order to receive financial aid you must complete the FAFSA AND the RBHS Financial Aid Application (see below for more information).

Cost of Attendance

You can find all cost of attendance (COA) information HERE. Students are encouraged to use the Grad Sense Budget Calculator or other tools to create a personal budget to ensure they do not exceed the COA.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Visit and use the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) Federal School Code: 002629

Helpful notes:

  • You will need to fill in your financial information. Parental information is not required, but should be provided if you believe you demonstrate a disadvantaged background.

  • You can use the IRS Data Retrieval Form (DRT) if you fill out the FAFSA after filing your tax return.

Rutgers Financial Aid Application Process

All Rutgers RBHS financial aid information, all forms, and the online RBHS financial aid application can be found Here. 

Helpful notes:

  • This application is not complex form. It is mostly yes or no questions; however, it needs to be filled out annually before the financial aid department can distribute your aid.

Additional Forms

If you are an incoming student who has never participated in the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, then you will also need to complete the following two steps:


Can I apply for additional financial aid or decrease my financial aid package?

Yes, you can both apply for additional financial aid (up the total cost of attendance) or you can chose to not accept the loans or decrease the amount awarded. For adjustments, please contact the RBHS Office of Financial Aid at

Can I pay the tuition in installments?

Yes, tuition can be paid in installments. To find out more information on different methods of payment click here:

When is this due?

Financial information is already being processed, so if you have not done so already, submit as soon as possible! For more information about financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office:

Telephone: (732) 235 - 4689

Fax: (732) 235-3264

E-mail: Piscataway Financial Aid:

Explore outside sources of aid (in addition to our Rising Stars Program):

NJ Loan Redemption Program for primary care practitioners:


AAMC Guidance on paying for medical school:


Some scholarships (please explore others as well):


Other loan repayments: