Student Health Services

On the Piscataway/New Brunswick Campus, student health services are provided by the Department of Family Medicine at Monument Square, 317 George Street, First Floor, New Brunswick (732-235-5160.) The services provided at no additional cost to the students include routine physical examinations, preventative care, tuberculosis screening and monitoring, immunization review and health education, women's health services, minor surgery and management of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Students may use the designated site for routine care during regular operating hours, 8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 8am – 8:00 pm Thursday. Walk-in and same day visits are welcome when the office is open and are based on availability. Emergency coverage by on-call physicians is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week (723-235-8993).

All student records are kept confidential in accordance with federal law and University policy. All students must have the following infectious disease screening and immunizations: Annual tuberculosis screening is required of all students with test performance and interpretation following CDC guidelines. If a student tests positive, he/she must provide Student Health Services with the documentation of follow-up. Students must complete a series of the Hepatitis B vaccine. Influenza vaccine is required of all students who have patient contact by December 1 of that year. If the results of the initial history or physical examination of the student prior to matriculation indicate the need for periodic evaluation, the student must provide Student Health Services with a record from the health care provider. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met the infectious disease screening and immunization guidelines.

By University policy, health insurance is mandatory for all students. Students have the option of purchasing the University sponsored plan or having and maintaining other insurance coverage. University Health Plans, Inc. (UHP) is the current plan for our medical students. There is an annual fee and co-pay for individual services. Dental insurance is available on a voluntary basis at additional cost.

If you’re the victim of sexual violence…

There is never an excuse for using force, intimidation, or drugs/alcohol to induce someone to perform sexual acts of any kind. If you (or someone you know) have been the victim of sexual violence, on or off-campus, help is available, immediately and in the long-term. You are not alone – there are many sources of confidential help, and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is committed to helping you secure the assistance you need.

Regardless of whether you wish to file a police report, it is important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible to receive preventive medication for possible sexually transmitted diseases and be eligible to receive emergency contraception.


  • Get to a safe place as soon as you can.
  • If the assault has taken place recently, and you are able to do so comfortably, avoid the following activities before deciding whether you will participate in a forensic medical exam: Eating or drinking, bathing, showering, or douching, using the bathroom, changing your clothes.
  • Contact Public Safety or the local police: 

    Newark Campus

    On Campus: 973-972-4490 or 222
    Off Campus: 911 for the local Police Dept.

    New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus

    On Campus: 732-235-4000
    Off Campus: 911 for the local Police Dept.

    Scotch Plains Campus

    On Campus or Off Campus: 911 for the local Police Dept.
    Non-Emergency Number: 908-889-2485
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. A medical examination will provide any necessary treatment and collect important evidence. Injuries may not be immediately apparent.
  • Contact someone you trust, such as a close friend, to be with you and support you.

Other resources for immediate help:

State-wide Sexual Assault Toll Free Hotline (800) 601-7200 – or on-line at Sexual Violence Programs in NJ, by county

Get additional information such as additional resources and your rights.