A mural depicts health care in the New Brunswick community outside the Eric B Chandler Health Center

About the Eric B. Chandler Health Center

Comprehensive Care and Support Services

The Eric B. Chandler Health Center is a federally qualified community health center providing care to more than 14,500 patients in over 61,000 encounters per year. We strive toward excellence in clinical and support service delivery, using a community-oriented approach to family medicine which incorporates the goals of comprehensive managed care practice, ensuring access to vital primary, preventive, and acute care services. The center is also the principal site of the New Brunswick Community Interpreter Project.

Our Mission

To provide high quality ambulatory health care services that are culturally effective, accessible, affordable.

To promote a healthy lifestyle and educate patients to take responsibility for and participate in their health and health care decisions.

To provide high quality educational opportunities for health professionals who train at the Center.

To serve as a community resource for health and social services.

Who We Are

The center is operated by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Eric B. Chandler Community Board.

  • Eric Jahn, MD
    Senior Associate Dean for Community Health

    Sandra Hill
    Executive Director/CEO

    Steven J. Levin, MD
    Medical Director

  • Jacqueline Fleming, MD
    Assistant Professor – Pediatrics

    Jamila Hughley, LCSW, LCADC
    Program Director, Social Services

    Rose Jean-Baptiste, MPH
    Program Manager, QA/QI

    Minoo Norwood
    Program Coordinator, Infectious Diseases

    Beverly O'Shea, MSN, RNC
    Nurse Manager

    Nancy Pincay
    Assistant Manager, Patient Business Services

    Abigail Plaza
    Patient Business Services, Registration Team Supervisor

    Rodney Reid
    Director of Finance

    Toby Russell
    Department Administrator

    Pamelitz Salinas
    Patient Business Services, Billing Team Supervisor

    Charisse Taylor-Byrd
    Manager, Clinical Records

    Brenda V. Walker, DDS
    Dental Director

  • Rev. Lauren Moore-Carrington 

    Sean Hewitt 
    Vice Chair

    Susan Jackson

    Joseph Perez

    Board Members

    Edith Brown
    C. Roy Epps
    Sarah Ferreira
    Rose Flowers

    Elter Waymer

Message from the CEO

Sandra Hill

Welcome to Eric B. Chandler Health Center! We hope this website will be used by patients, community-based organizations, potential employees, clinicians, and others who are interested in information about the center or want to make appropriate referrals for services.

We have been an active participant in the community for more than three decades and offer care for infants, children, teens, adults, and seniors. Our multicultural staff of physicians and others specialize in each of these areas to meet the needs and concerns of all age groups.

Our purpose is to improve the health of our community.

We have developed partnerships with our patients, our payers, our staff, and our community. The diversity of our clients define the terms of our partnership.

A sophisticated configuration of systems, personnel, and technology produces regular assessments of health status. We are able to develop timely strategies to respond to health needs and together with our community partners, we design and assure the delivery of a full range of care, including prevention and health promotion. We document and monitor our efforts and continually strive to improve the health status of our community.

We meet the needs and continually work to exceed the expectations of our patients. All measures of the health outcomes of our patients demonstrate the excellent quality of our services. The efforts of our staff, the design of our systems and facilities, and our processes for providing care all focus on the satisfaction of our patients. As a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), we accept responsibility for the health outcomes of our patients. We make healthcare access easy for you and your family in the Greater New Brunswick Area.

Sandra Hill
Executive Director/CEO

Our History

Opened in October 1987, the center is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Eric B. Chandler, one of New Brunswick's most distinguished citizens and his notable contributions to the community.

Chandler was one of the organizers and a long time member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. A resident of New Brunswick since 1943, he was one of the original members of the Board of Directors of the Urban League of Greater New Brunswick, serving as president for 13 years and later as executive secretary. Chandler's longstanding friendship with the late Paul Robeson and Gaylord and Christine Moore Howell, resulted in Robeson giving a benefit concert on the Douglass College campus on behalf of the Urban League.

In 1963, Chandler accepted a position with the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights, Department of Law and Public Safety. At the time of his retirement in 1973, he was manager of the division's Trenton Office.

Chandler received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and Master of Science in Chemistry from Harvard. He earned his Master of Education and Doctor of Education degrees at Boston University. He was a professor of chemistry for 17 years and later a medical social worker for the Middlesex County Welfare Department.

Ribbon cutting at the Eric B. Chandler Health Center