Community Health Initiative (CHI)

HIPHOP Community Health Initiative is a student-run program through community partnerships that provides students with the opportunity to take part in service-learning activities and get involved with the  New Brunswick and nearby communities.  

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  • 2022-2023 Student Director: Aaliyah Phillips
  • 2022-2023 General Manager/Research Coordinator: Tricia Mae Raquepo



Community Health Navigation
Health Workshops - Community Health Education Collaborations
Project Outreach
New Initiatives (Transitions of Care)
PAIR (Patients At/In Risk) Elective
Issues in Cultural Competency and Underserved Community/Students Interested in Restoring Community Health (ICCUCE /SIRCH) Elective
LISTOS (Literacy Initiative for Students Teaching Older Spanish Speakers) Elective
STATS (Students Teaching AIDS To Students) Elective
Mentoring and Tutoring Program
Domestic and Sexual Violence Initiative