Dr. Anna Konova is a cognitive neuroscientist by training. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC) at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, and Core Faculty in the Rutgers Brain Health Institute.

Dr. Konova's research examines the cognitive, computational, and neural mechanisms of substance use and addictive behaviors. Work in her lab, the Addiction & Decision Neuroscience Lab (, aims to identify risk and resilience factors in addiction escalation, recovery, and treatment, such as those related to high risk and impulsive behavior, craving, stress and anxiety, and psychosocial function and wellbeing. This work combines brain imaging, computational modeling, and cognitive paradigms to examine how motivated learning and decision making is influenced by changes in these emotional states and environmental contexts to contribute to individual clinical outcomes. Dr. Konova is also co-director of the Rutgers-Princeton Center for Computational Cognitive Neuro-Psychiatry which provides an inter-disciplinary community and infrastructure for cognitive neuroscience research in psychiatry.