Faculty Mentors

Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members leading a RWJMS or Rutgers biomedical research lab, depending on their research interest. All Rutgers labs are eligible as long as the research will be conducted in the biomedical fields (broadly defined).

Below is a list of potential mentors INSPIRE fellows could work with, but your are not limited to these.

We welcome inquiries from Rutgers and RBHS faculty who are interested in joining the INSPIRE program. If you are committed to mentoring Postdoctoral Fellows who want to obtain academic jobs, and have an active research lab that could incorporate a talented postdoc who can be funded by NIH-INSPIRE for up to 3 years, we would love to hear from you. You can start by recruiting a top candidate in your field from around the country to your lab, when you attend conferences for example. Once you have such a candidate, you can ask them to apply for INSPIRE funding.

Name Area of Expertise Research Interest
Anthony, Tracy, PhD Nutritional Science Amino Acid Control of Protein Synthesis and Gene Expression
Aston-Jones, Gary, PhD Brain Health Institute Psychiatry Brain Mechanisms of Motivation and Cognitive Processes Cognition and Addiction
Brewer, Gary, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Regulation of Gene Expression; Genomics
Copeland, Paul, PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Regulation of Gene Expression at the Translational Level, Incorporation and Utilization of Selenocysteine
DiCicco-Bloom, Emanuel, MD Neuroscience and Cell Biology Pediatrics Regulation of Developmental and Adult Neurogenesis, Cell Cycle Mechanisms
Dreyfus, Cheryl, PhD Neuroscience and Cell Biology The Role of the Trophic Factors and Glial Cells
Driscoll, Monica, PhD Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Developmental Neurogenetics, Molecular Genetics of Neuronal Cell Death, Mechanosensory Transduction in Touch and Feeling, Molecular Mechanisms of Aging
Duffy, Siobain, PhD Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources Emerging Viruses, Experimental Evolution, Bioinformatics, Bacteriophage
Fan, Huizhou, PhD Pharmacology Pathogenesis and Intervention of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Foty, Ramsey, PhD Surgery The Biophysical and Biomolecular Basis of Prostate Cancer Progression to Metastasis
Irvine, Kenneth, PhD Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Cell-Signaling, Pattern Formation, Growth Control, Developmental Glycobiology
Jacinto, Estela, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Signal Transduction, Cancer, Insulin, Metabolism, T Lymphocytes
Kiledjian, Mike, PhD Cell Biology and Neuroscience RNA-Protein Interactions in the Regulation of Mammalian Mrna Turnover. RNA-Binding Proteins in Human Genetics Disorders
McKim, Kim, PhD Genetics Double Strand Break Repair, Genetic Recombination, Chromosome Pairing, Chromosome Segregation, Kinesin Motor Proteins
Millonig, James, PhD Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Neuroscience & Cell Biology DHuman Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Autism
Nanda, Vikas, PhD Biochemistry Protein Evolution and Folding, Computational De Novo Design of Proteins and Biomimetics
Quadro, Loredana, PhD Food Science Nutritional Biochemistry
Runnels, Loren, PhD Pharmacology Developmental Biology, Magnesium and Calcium Homeostasis and Signaling, Brain Injury
Schindler, Karen, PhD Genetics Signal Transduction, Meiosis, Aneuploidy, Gamete Formation and Reproduction
Scotto, Kathleen, PhD

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Pharmacology

(Cancer Institute of New Jersey)

Research Targeting the Regulation of Expression of Drug Resistance Genes in Human Tumors
Silverstein, Steven, PhD Psychiatry Schizophrenia – Retinal and Visual Processing Impairments
Singson, Andrew, PhD Genetics Reproductive Biology and Cell-Cell Interactions in C. Elegans
Soto, Martha, PhD Pathology Using C. Elegans Embryos to Investigate Polarized Cell Divisions and Polarized Cell Migrations During Development
Stock, Ann, PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Structure/Function Analysis of Signal Transduction Proteins
Zhang, Huaye, PhD Neuroscience and Cell Biology Regulation of Dendritic Spine Morphogenesis and Synaptic Plasticity