Research Electives for Medical Students

MDC 0933 - Research Studies

This lecture series is for students interested in research. Faculty members from either clinical or basic science departments will present their research. Students will attend 6 to 10 of the lunchtime sessions where professors give 45-minute presentations, with time at the end for questions. Through this elective, students will be exposed to a breadth of research topics and will be able to interact with the speakers and other potential research mentors at RWJMS. In addition, one of the seminars will focus on finding a research mentor and will give students the opportunity to talk with other medical students who recently completed summer research fellowship projects.

MDC 0934 - Research Studies Practicum

This elective is for students who wish to spend some time during the spring semester working with a researcher for a few hours each week. Students who successfully complete the Students Interested in Research (SIR): Research Studies Lecture Series Fall elective can choose to work in research laboratories or with a research group for one afternoon per week, at a minimum of two times a month during the Spring semester. Students may attend the laboratory session of more than one research mentor. The objective is to provide students with more intensive exposure to the specific research area(s) of their choosing. This exposure will allow students to further narrow their research interests and will expose them to research strategies, methodologies, and techniques in a given field. It also provides them with useful tools to pursue further research opportunities, including the summer research fellowships offered by RWJMS. Students are expected to spend at least 25 hours of time during the semester engaging in research activity in order to receive credit. To receive credit, students must also submit to the Elective Director the Research Studies Practicum Completion Form, which must be signed by the research mentor(s) confirming the student’s involvement in the research activities for the appropriate number of hours. While the elective targets M1 students, M2 students can also participate.

Click Here for the Spring Research Studies Practicum Completion Form