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Distinction Programs

There are three prestigious and rigorous programs intended to recognize students at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. For those who plan, carry out and write up independent, original basic or clinical research, the "Distinction in Research" program is available. For those students who show exceptional interest, leadership and commitment to volunteering in the community and working with under served populations, the "Distinction in Service to the Community" program is best suited. And lastly there is the "Distinction in Medical Ediuation" program that recognizes students who have shown exceptional involvement, accomplishment, and scholarship in medical education.

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MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD program offers the opportunity for PhD studies at any one of the two cooperating institutions: Princeton University or Rutgers University.

The MD/PhD Program offers a unique multi-institutional environment with traditional and non-traditional PhD options. We welcome inquires about our program, the many options avalable to students and the interactions between our institutions, faculty and students.

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