Message from the Chief

Rajan Gupta, MD

Rajan Gupta, MD
Associate Professor

The Acute Care Surgery Division is dedicated to caring for all patients with life threatening surgical disease. To that end, any and all patients admitted to RWJUH, or being evaluated in the Emergency Department of RWJUH with life threatening surgical illness continue to be cared for by in-house ACS faculty. The ACS Division continues to experience record setting growth and ongoing success.  Both the Trauma and Critical Care Programs have been singled out as excellent teaching opportunities by their respective governing bodies and have been rewarded with approved fellowships in both specialties: Surgical Critical Care Fellowship (ACGME verified) and Acute Care Surgery (AAST verified).

The educational efforts of the Trauma Center has also flourished and with the success of the RWJ SIM week has established itself as a regional leader in the modern simulation approach to adult learning. RWJ SIM week hosted over 200 adult learners during a weeklong simulation learning experience. All health care experts from pre-hospital to ICU where given opportunities to learn, discuss and improve in an environment supported by the latest in simulation technology.

The ongoing mission of the Division to offer cutting edge clinical excellence in an atmosphere conducive to and supportive of educating the entire Acute Care Surgery Team has never been better realized.