Family Medicine Residency

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Message from the Program Director

Our program started in 1980, and we have graduated over 240 residents who practice in New Jersey and nationwide. Our goal is to guide your development into becoming the family physician you dream of, and allowing you exposure to a wide variety of areas of interest to pursue and develop expertise in.

Our program is a 5-5-5 academically focused, fellowship linked, community-oriented family medicine residency.  We train future leaders in clinical care, community outreach, education and primary care practice-based research. 

We are located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the home of Rutgers University and a vibrant university town with diverse cuisine, cultural and recreational opportunities. Located in central New Jersey with excellent public and personal transportation connectivity, the “Hub City” is an easy 30-60 minute ride to major airports as well as New York City, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore and multiple recreation areas.  There are many prospects for work life balance and also for significant other employment or education in the central New Jersey area.

We look forward to meeting you and getting the opportunity to introduce you to our program. We wish you the best on your family medicine educational journey.

Barbara Jo McGarry, MD
Program Director

Accordion Content

  • The Residency’s innovative curriculum is designed to prepare residents for the Future of Family Medicine, in academic, research, clinical practice, community advocacy and family medicine subspecialty careers. Our curriculum offers an opportunity for publishable research/scholarly projects and an optional longitudinal fellowship experience during the second and third years.

    Curriculum by Postgraduate Year (PGY)
    PGY1 PGY2 PGY3

    Orientation - (2 weeks)

    Family Medicine Day Service - (6 weeks)

    Family Medicine Day Service - (6 weeks)

    Family Medicine Day Service - (10 weeks)

    Family Medicine Night Service - (6 weeks)

    Family Medicine Night Service - (6 weeks)

    Family Medicine Night Service - (2 weeks)

    Ambulatory Pediatrics - (6 weeks)

    Pediatric ER - (4 weeks)

    Obstetrics - (8 weeks)

    Community Medicine - (4 weeks)

    Emergency Medicine - (4 weeks)

    Emergency Medicine - (4 weeks)

    Evidence Based Medicine/Research - (4 weeks)

    Board Review (selective) - (2 weeks)

    Intensive Care Unit - (4 weeks)

    Geriatrics - (4 weeks)

    Orthopedics - (2 weeks)

    Pediatrics Floor - (4 weeks)

    Sports Medicine - (4 weeks)

    Rheumatology - (2 weeks)

    Surgery (outpatient) - (4 weeks)

    Reproductive and Gender Health - (4 weeks)

    Practice Management - (2 weeks)

    Cardiology (outpatient) - (2 weeks)

    Behavioral Health - (2 weeks)

    Ambulatory Pediatrics - (2 weeks)

    Cardiology (inpatient) - (2 weeks)

    Elective - (2 weeks)

    Elective - (2 weeks)

    Newborn Nursery - (2 weeks)

    Dermatology (selective) - (2 weeks)

    ENT (selective) - (2 weeks)

    Practice Management - (2 weeks)

    Endocrinology (selective) - (2 weeks)

    Pain Management (selective) - (2 weeks)

    Radiology - (2 weeks)

    USMLE/COMLEX Prep (selective) - (2 weeks)

    Ophthalmology (selective) - (2 weeks)

    Vacation - (4 weeks)

    Vacation - (4 weeks)

    Urology (selective) - (2 weeks)


    HIV Medicine - (2 weeks)


    Oral Health (selective) - (2 weeks)


    Vacation - (4 weeks)

  • Alfred F. Tallia, MD, MPH
    Professor and Chair

    Maria F. Ciminelli, MD, FAAFP
    Vice Chair and Associate Professor

    Barbara J. McGarry, MD
    Program Director
    Associate Professor

    Anna Sliwowska, MD
    Associate Program Director
    Assistant Professor, Reproductive Health Provider

    Core Residency Faculty

    Karen Wei-Ru Lin, MD, MS

    Jeffrey Levine, MD, MPH

    Michael Song, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Annie Truss, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Mark Versella, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Residency Coordinator

    Toni Scales

    Lillian Kimmel

    Behavioral Health Faculty

    Mark Versella, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Community Health Faculty

    Sneha E. Jacob, MD
    Associate Professor

    Steven J. Levin, MD

    Karen Wei-Ru Lin, MD, MS

    Maria Pellerano, MA, MBA, MPH
    Assistant Professor

    Geriatric Faculty

    Fred Kobylarz, MD, MPH

    David F. Howarth, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor

    Sarah Leonard

    Maternity Care Faculty

    Rhina Acevedo, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Komal Bhatt, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Elizabeth Clark, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor

    Hospitalist Faculty

    Sara Khalil, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Michael Noll, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Mafudia Suaray, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor

    Rory Ulloque, MD
    Associate Professor

    Jigar Patel 
    Assistant Professor 

    Ora Domovich 
    Assistant Professor

    Alisa Reznikov, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Juyeon Park, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Predoctoral Education

    Joyce Afran, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Sonia Garcia Laumbach, MD
    Associate Professor

    Betsy Mathew, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Research Faculty

    Benjamin Crabtree, PhD
    Distinguished Professor

    Jeanne Ferrante, MD, MPH

    Shawna Hudson, PhD

    Denalee O'Malley, PhD, LCSW
    Assistant Professor

    Sports Medicine Faculty

    Jill Kropa, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Kinshasa Morton, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Navia Axia, MD
    Assistant Professor

    Jason Womack, MD
    Associate Professor

    Reproductive Health Faculty

    Jennifer Amico, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor

    Jeffrey Levine, MD, MPH

    Anna Sliwowska, MD
    Assistant Professor, Reproductive Health Provider

  • Class of 2024 family medicine residents

    Class of 2024

    Nathalia Arias Alzate, MD

    • Hometown: Armenia, Colombia
    • Undergrad: The College of New Jersey
    • Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    • Favorite book: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    • Travel Bucket List: Greece, Maldives, Caño Cristales
    • If I weren't a physician, I would be:  A history teacher or social worker.
    • If I had a superpower, it would be: Teleportation.  

    Joshua Katz, DO

    • Hometown: Warren, NJ
    • Undergrad: University of Michigan
    • Medical School: Rowan SOM
    • Favorite book: The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf
    • Favorite NJ activity: A weekend down the shore on LBI
    • If I were an animal I would be: An alpaca (super versatile)
    • If I weren’t a physician, I would be: Michigan’s Head Football Coach 

    Hinal Patel, MD

    • Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
    • Undergrad: Rutgers University, New Brunswick
    • Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
    • Last book read: The Martian
    • Favorite book: Harry Potter series
    • Travel Bucket List: Japan
    • Ideal weekend: Catching up with friends/family, playing video games, watching shows, relaxing

    Nehi Patel, DO

    • Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ
    • Undergrad: University of the Sciences
    • Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Travel Bucket List: To hike through every National Park and see the Northern Lights
    • If I weren't a physician, I would be: A professional cookie baker!
    • If I had a superpower, it would be: Teleportation because I love traveling but hate the commute.
    • Ideal weekend: A day spent hiking followed by a refreshing drink and a great meal. A second day soaking in the sun at the beach!

    Yvonne Ye, MD

    • Hometown: Queens, NY
    • Undergrad: Cornell University
    • Medical School: SUNY Upstate
    • Little known fact: I almost convinced myself to fall asleep fully wrapped in blankets while a bat was flying around my room in the middle of the night.
    • Ideal way to spend a weekend: Sleeping in, eating and making delicious food, catching up with family, and playing games with friends
    • Travel bucket list: New Zealand, Hawaii, Indonesia
    • If I had a superpower, it would be: Flight (with actual wings)
    Class of 2025 family medicine residents

    Class of 2025

    Alejandra Bolanos-Delgado, MD

    • Hometown: West Orange, NJ
    • Undergrad: Monmouth University
    • Medical School:  Rutgers RWJMS
    • Travel Bucket List:  7 new wonders of the world
    • If I weren’t a physician:  I would be a professional baker for custom cakes and cookies
    • Ideal weekend:  Spending time with my family and friends poolside with delicious food. 
    • If I were an animal I would be:  A french bulldog owned by a loving dog mom like myself!

    Chelsea Lauro, DO

    • Hometown: Manalapan, NJ
    • Undergrad: University of Massachusetts Amherst
    • Medical School: RowanSOM
    • Travel Bucket List: Amalfi Coast, South America, South Korea, Vietnam
    • If I weren't a physician: I would be a Food Blogger/Food Network Star
    • Ideal weekend: A dinner party/game night with friends followed by a visit home to see my family (especially my one year old nephew!!)
    • If I were an animal I would be: An otter- they love to sleep and hold hands with their friends/family in the water so they don’t get separated

    Maria Mongo, MD

    • Hometown: Wilmington, NC
    • Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
    • Medical School:  University of North Carolina
    • Travel Bucket List:  Alaska because it looks so beautiful, and I like the cold. 
    • If I weren’t a physician:  I'd be a social worker or I'd work in environmental conservation. 
    • Ideal weekend:  Waking up early to some coffee and grabbing breakfast with family and friends. We'd go hiking in the mountains all day (preferably on a trail with a view and waterfalls) and come back and cook a big dinner together. We'd stay up late eating midnight snacks and do some stargazing. 
    • If I were an animal I would be:  I'd be a bird because I've always wanted to fly! I also feel like I have a good sense of direction which birds have too. 

    Jessica Santana, DO

    • Hometown:  North Plainfield, NJ
    • Undergrad:  The College of New Jersey 
    • Medical School:  Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine 
    • Travel Bucket List:  Patagonia and Capri 
    • If I weren’t a physician:  I would be a high school math teacher 
    • Ideal weekend:  exploring new coffeeshops and watching movies at home
    • If I were an animal I would be: a penguin!

    Sonali Shah, MD

    • Hometown: Horsham, PA
    • Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh
    • Medical School: Temple University
    • Travel Bucket List: Egypt, Thailand, Alaska, and the Amalfi Coast
    • If I weren't a physician: I would be an interior designer or event planner
    • Ideal weekend: Exploring a new city, checking out new restaurants, coffee shops, and parks!
    • If I were an animal I would be: my spoiled goldendoodle Maple
    2026 graduates family medicine residents

    Class of 2026

    Saad Mansuri

    • Hometown:  Edison, NJ
    • Undergrad: Rutgers University
    • Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    • Travel Bucket List: Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C. 
    • If I weren't a physician: High School Math Teacher
    • Ideal weekend: Chilling with family and friends
    • If I were an animal I would be: Silverback Gorilla

    Nicolle Mazzei

    • Hometown: Holmdel, NJ 
    • Undergrad: University of Miami 
    • Medical school: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine 
    • Travel Bucket List: Italy, Australia, and Greece
    • If I weren’t a Physician: I would be an athletic trainer
    • Ideal Weekend: Sleeping in and then spending the rest of the day at the beach with either my family or friends. Followed by a nice dinner out at a new place! 
    • If I were an animal I would be: A bird! I would love to be able to fly anywhere I want to whenever I want.

    Talia Paradiso

    • Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
    • Undergrad: Union College in Schenectady, NY
    • Medical School: Albany Medical College, NY
    • Travel Bucket List: Ireland, the Galapagos Islands, Tanzania, and back to Italy.
    • If I weren't a physician: I'd like to study classics, including work on archaeological sites.
    • Ideal weekend: I would love to have a sun-filled beach day, then order takeout and have game night with friends/family. The second day, I would sleep late and hang around reading, then go to the thrift store and spend the evening at the movies.
    • If I were an animal I would be: A sea turtle, or whale!

    Aradhika Sarda

    • HometownWest Windsor, NJ
    • Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University
    • Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
    • Travel Bucket List: Iceland, Switzerland, New Zealand
    • If I weren't a physician: Dance Instructor
    • Ideal weekend: Weekend trip to upstate New York or other nearby hiking/outdoor activities
    • If I were an animal I would be: Monkey

    Nicole Stein

    • Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
    • Undergrad: Barnard College
    • Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (Harlem Campus)
    • Travel Bucket List: Croatia and Japan
    • If I weren't a physician: A veterinarian
    • Ideal weekend: Doing something outdoors followed by a movie night.
    • If I were an animal I would be: A cat

Curricular Highlights

  • High quality onsite rotations in a renowned academic facility
  • Free Epocrates Essentials and other point-of-care resources
  • Embedded Behavioral Health services in Primary Care
  • Integrated medical student education
  • Board review
  • Protected lecture time
  • Fellowship tracks
  • Away elective opportunities
  • Morning report
  • Night float
  • Electronic medical record
  • Elective time
  • Monthly grand rounds
  • Primary care research training
  • Formal evidence-based medicine course
  • Our curriculum is routinely reviewed utilizing direct feedback sessions with all residents, and modified as needed to ensure that our residents receive the highest quality clinical experiences.
Family medicine physician Michael Noll and certified physician assistant Alexa Simon speak with a patient

Frequently Asked Questions (Answered by Residents)

  • Having a smaller (5-5-5) program allows for us to form close bonds, making us a “work family.” We have a much larger number of faculty compared to the number of residents, so each resident receives individualized attention through advisor pairings, fellowship tracks, and overall better accessibility to attending physicians.

  • As residents, we see our patients in the same office as our attendings—Family Medicine at Monument Square. This means that the faculty and residents see patients side-by-side, which is a definite strength of our program. The patients at Family Medicine at Monument Square are a diverse group and represent our community in many ways.

    • Age: We care for all ages from newborns to the elderly. We even provide prenatal care to our pregnant patients and continue newborn care after delivery.
    • Ethnicity: The New Brunswick area is very racially diverse and our practice reflects that. We often have residents who speak other languages (e.g., Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Polish, etc) and connect very well with some of our patient populations whose native language is not English.
    • Socioeconomic status: We care for patients who have many different types of insurance—private, Medicare, Medicaid—as well as self-pay patients. We have rotations at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and organize community outreach programs for the local uninsured/undocumented population.

    This diversity exposes us to the breadth of health issues we will encounter as family physicians.

  • Our Family Medicine inpatient care is at one hospital—Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a level 1 trauma center. Our Family Medicine service admits patients who receive their outpatient care at our continuity clinical site Family Medicine at Monument Square. Therefore, we have continuity for all our patients by being able to take care of them in both outpatient and inpatient settings. This allows us to focus on making sure the transitions between in-hospital and out-of-hospital care go smoothly. Also, we evaluate and admit students from the nearby Rutgers University who come to the ED and are cared for on the Family Medicine Service.

  • That’s a tough question to answer because the residents who graduate here do so many different things—private outpatient practices, academic medicine, fellowships, hospitalist groups, policy and government work, industry or research, and others. Another strength of the program is that residents who train here are not molded into one type of doctor. The residency faculty work hard to personalize our experiences and help us reach our individualized career goals.

  • Because there are so many possibilities in family medicine, our program has Fellowship Tracks for residents who want more exposure to a sub-specialty area that falls within the scope of family medicine. These can provide great training opportunities during our second or third year in a variety of areas—Community Health, Sports Medicine, Reproductive Health, and Geriatrics. About half of the residents participate in the Fellowship Track program.

    Community Health

    The Community Health Track is designed for motivated residents who are committed to improving access and delivery of quality health care to the underserved. Participants will be provided with additional hands-on clinical and administrative experience working in a local urban Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) under the mentorship of the medical director.

    Sports Medicine

    The Sports Medicine Fellowship Track provides residents with a longitudinal experience focused on treatment of the athlete. Residents are assigned to a local high school to provide sideline football coverage for team home games. Sideline coverage for collegiate sporting events is also available. Outpatient clinic experiences range from high school training rooms, collegiate sports medicine with Division I teams, and primary care sports medicine. The goal of the track is to expose residents to the wide array of medical care provided by Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians and prepares interested residents for acceptance into competitive fellowships.

    Reproductive Health

    The Reproductive Health Fellowship Track (RHT) provides residents with advanced training in full spectrum women’s health, with an emphasis on family planning, provision of long-acting reversible contraception, first trimester abortion care and miscarriage management. Residents participate in additional Women’s Health Sessions at Family Medicine at Monument Square and will develop competency in outpatient procedures such as IUD and Nexplanon insertion/removals, manual vacuum aspiration for abortion and miscarriage, 1st trimester ultrasound for pregnancy dating and localization, and colposcopy. RHT Residents actively manage and treat family medicine patients experiencing ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage patients under the supervision of the RHEDI (Reproductive Health Education Family Medicine) Faculty. Residents also spend approximately 1 day per month with Rutgers Family Medicine faculty at Planned Parenthood, where they develop skills in 1st trimester abortion, ultrasound, and contraception provision.


    The Geriatrics Fellowship Track provides selected residents with an opportunity to gain more advanced skills in promoting healthy aging, performing cognitive assessments, managing acute and chronic conditions, and providing end of life care for elderly patients at the Center for Healthy Aging at Parker Stonegate, the Center for Healthy Aging at Monroe, and on home visits.

    Addiction Medicine 

    The Addiction Medicine fellowship track is a tailored experience designed to prepare residents to better provide evidence-based care for substance use disorders both in primary care, specialty practice, and especially to participate in a formal post-residency addiction medicine fellowship. Residents will have the opportunity to, if they prefer, select a substance class to focus their training throughout the track. Residents are paired with Dr. Mark Versella, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating addiction, as their faculty mentor, and work with Dr. Versella to select tailored outpatient and inpatient rotation sites both at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, as well as experts throughout the tristate medical community. Residents will also have the opportunity to be paired with scholars at Rutgers University and beyond to develop a better understanding of cutting-edge addiction science.


    The Dermatology Track is designed for Family Medicine residents who are interested in gaining more exposure and training in diagnosing and treating skin disorders. Family Medicine providers are the first to help patients who present with skin concerns and thus should be equipped with tools to treat most uncomplicated skin conditions. Through this track, residents will work with Dr. Truss at FMMS during her skin focused clinic sessions and Dr. Pappert and her colleagues at Rutgers Dermatology. Residents will have exposure to routine skin cancer screenings which may also include procedures such as biopsies along with diagnosing and treating common disorders such as acne, dermatitis, keloids, cutaneous infections, and hair loss amongst many others.

    Faculty Development fellowships

    *Participation in the Residency Fellowship track program is not required, and does not guarantee a position in the Fellowship after graduation.

  • Because we have a “Night Float” rotation, the only time that our in-patient service needs on-call coverage is between Friday night and Sunday morning. On average, we are on-call for our FM service about once a month. On a few of our specialty rotations, we do take overnight call since we function on that team just like one of that service’s residents (typically one weekend day per two-week block at the most).

  • Our “Night Float” system consists of working a shift overnight on our Family Medicine Inpatient Service for two-weeks at a time with the weekends being off. The resident on Night Float works with the on-call attending physician at night and with the day team to coordinate around-the-clock care for our patients. This maximized continuity of care for our patients compared to a traditional “on-call” system and gives us valuable experience in learning how to handle urgent phone calls from patients, nursing homes, hospital units, and the emergency department.

  • An "opposed" residency program is one that has other residency programs from other specialties at the same hospital, whereas an “unopposed” residency program does not typically have other residents at the same hospital. Most programs at university hospitals are considered “opposed.” There are up-sides and potential down-sides to both types of training sites that differ based on your preferences and learning styles. At our program, we find it really helpful to work side-by-side with residents in other programs for rotations like pediatrics, surgery, neurology, emergency medicine, etc. We get to learn with and from these peers AND we get to learn directly from fellows and attending physicians in a wide variety of specialties. As a group of Family Medicine residents, we have a well-established presence at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and are considered assets to the various teams we rotate with. We also have our own Family Medicine Inpatient Service at the Hospital where we work directly with our Family Medicine attendings to care for our very ill patients who we see in our outpatient clinical site.

  • Four weeks of vacation each year (typically divided in two separate two week blocks off) as well as a handful of personal days and compensation for holidays we work.

  • A great thing about the New Brunswick area is that there are numerous options for housing depending on what you're looking for. Renting or buying, urban or suburban—it's all available around New Brunswick. With a train station a block away and easy access to Routes 18, 27, 287, 1, 130, and the New Jersey Turnpike, commuting is also very manageable. Our residents live anywhere from walking distance from the hospital to 30 minutes away by car.

  • Our inpatient and outpatient sites both use the Epic electronic health record that is integrated with the entire RWJBarnabas Health system and Rutgers Health system. We conduct telehealth services to patients through this system for appropriate patients. Epic also allows us to conduct quality improvement projects with fast, accurate data to monitor impact of changes. We also have remote interpreter services available for patients who are not comfortable conducting visits in English.


All of our rotations are within 10 minutes of the main hospital.

Benefits and Salary

The Family Medicine Residency Program offers a uniform package of benefits consistent with those provided at all graduate medical educational programs operated by the medical school. Full details regarding benefits and salary are continuously updated by the Office of Graduate Medical Education.


  • Night Float system provides continuity of care and limited night call.
  • 4 weeks vacation,
  • Remote access to the comprehensive electronic healthcare records of our hospital and office patients.
  • Book allowance
  • Epocrates Essentials
  • Prescribers letter
  • Rosh Review board questions
  • Challenger CME online
  • ALSO, PALS, NRP, ACLS training
  • Career counseling, guidance and training
  • Committee of Interns and Residents benefit package: health, dental, life, disability, liability insurance; paid sick time, holidays, personal days; uniforms, laundry service, meal allowance
Family Medicine residents smiling, laughing and making funny faces for a picture

Contact Us

Family Medicine Residency at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Matrix Plaza 1
303 George Street, 6th Floor,
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Phone: 732-235-7664