About Our Research

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health has a diverse portfolio of research that focus on enhancing the quality of care delivered in the primary care setting.  This portfolio highlights the disciplinary diversity of our research faculty while at the same time underscores the close collaborations and sharing among investigators.  We focus on some of the common but challenging clinical issues facing our primary care system, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental health.  Several member of the Division are closely associated with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and investigate strategies to enhance cancer prevention and early detection, as well as quality of care for cancer survivors.  In recognition of the need for drastic transformation of primary care, the team also looks at the latest advances in health information technology (HIT) and organizational change strategies for successful transformation of practice.  Finally, our Division has been on the forefront of developing and/or adopting innovative research methods to meet the challenges of studying the unique features of primary care.

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