Fellowship Tracks

One of the great strengths of our Family Medicine department is our fellowship programs and department focus in a variety of core interests. We boast a 100% fill rate of residents getting into top fellowship programs around the country. To capitalize on these areas of excellence, the residency offers eligible second and third year residents an opportunity to participate in a longitudinal fellowship track.* Selected residents are provided dedicated sessions with a faculty mentor in an ambulatory setting related to their track, approximately twice a month. Track residents also undertake an original independent scholarly project related to their area of interest suitable for publication or presentation by completion of their residency training.


Community Health

The Community Health Track is designed for motivated residents who are committed to improving access and delivery of quality health care to the underserved. Participants will be provided with additional hands-on clinical and administrative experience working in a local urban Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) under the mentorship of the medical director.


The Geriatrics Fellowship Track provides selected residents with an opportunity to gain more advanced skills in promoting healthy aging, performing cognitive assessments, managing acute and chronic conditions, and providing end of life care for elderly patients at the Center for Healthy Aging at Parker Stonegate, the Center for Healthy Aging at Monroe, and on home visits.

Global Health

The Global Health Fellowship Track welcomes residents to participate in interdisciplinary teams, tailored to their individual interest - clinical medical services, educational classes or research programs. Residents would mentor students from home and guest institutions, influence future physicians to serve the diverse population domestically and worldwide, with resources of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers Center for Global Advancement and International Affairs, and AAMC-Global Health Learning Opportunities.

Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine Fellowship Track offers education in Integrative Medicine and patient centered CAM approaches to medical care. We offer hands-on experiences in Integrative Family Medicine our primary care center with FM faculty as well as other health care practitioners in the community, and utilize the University of Arizona’s “Integrative Medicine in Residency” distance learning modules for individual and group learning activities.                                   

Maternal-Child Health

The Maternal-Child Health (MCH) Fellowship Track provides opportunity for an enriched experience in caring for women during their childbearing years alongside their infants. This track focuses on health issues that are fundamental to safe motherhood and thriving infants through regularly scheduled clinical continuity sessions that can include outpatient pregnancy and preconception care, outpatient care of well and sick infants, labor & delivery care, and inpatient care of mothers and their infants.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

This Fellowship Track is hosted by the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute. Selected residents will gain practical, administrative, clinical, and research experience in occupational medicine including worker placement, medical surveillance, disability disease prevention, and health promotion, occupational epidemiology, toxicology, and industrial hygiene.

Preventive/Lifestyle Medicine

This track is designed for motivated residents who are committed to learning about lifestyle interventions that improve patient outcomes. Participants will be exposed to clinical experiences and didactics related to nutrition. Opportunities include shadowing lifestyle physician experts in their practices, attending nutrition and diabetes conferences, organizing culinary medicine programs, participating in teaching kitchens, and working with lifestyle medicine organizations.

Primary Care Research

The Primary Care Research Fellowship Track provides motivated residents with the opportunity to develop more advanced multi-method research skills by working as a team member in an ongoing funded research project under the guidance of established research mentors in our nationally renowned Family Medicine Research Division.

Reproductive Health

The Reproductive Health Fellowship Track (RHT) provides residents with advanced training in full spectrum women’s health, with an emphasis on family planning, provision of long-acting reversible contraception, first trimester abortion care and miscarriage management. Residents participate in additional Women’s Health Sessions at Family Medicine at Monument Square and will develop competency in outpatient procedures such as IUD and Nexplanon insertion/removals, manual vacuum aspiration for abortion and miscarriage, 1st trimester ultrasound for pregnancy dating and localization, and colposcopy. RHT Residents actively manage and treat family medicine patients experiencing ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage patients under the supervision of the RHEDI (Reproductive Health Education Family Medicine) Faculty. Residents also spend approximately 1 day per month with Rutgers Family Medicine faculty at Planned Parenthood, where they develop skills in 1st trimester abortion, ultrasound, and contraception provision.

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Fellowship Track provides residents with a longitudinal experience focused on treatment of the athlete. Residents are assigned to a local high school to provide sideline football coverage for team home games. Sideline coverage for collegiate sporting events is also available. Outpatient clinic experiences range from high school training rooms, collegiate sports medicine with Division I teams, and primary care sports medicine. The goal of the track is to expose residents to the wide array of medical care provided by Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians and prepares interested residents for acceptance into competitive fellowships.

*Participation in the Residency Fellowship track program is not required, and does not guarantee a position in the Fellowship after graduation.

For more detailed information about all the Department Fellowships, please visit: http://rwjms.umdnj.edu/departments_institutes/family_medicine/fellowships/