Undergraduate Medical Education

Patient-Centered Medicine 1 & 2

Clinical interviewing and physical diagnosis skills are now incorporated within the interdisciplinary M1 & M2 Patient Centered Medicine course. Dr. Walker serves as Site Director at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and  faculty from each clinical Division serve as preceptors. In addition, Dr. Brain Gable serves as a Facilitator in both PCM 1 & 2.

Clinical Pathophysiology

Dr. Laura Willett (Division of General Internal Medicine) continues her Directorship of this course, which provided over 160 hours of instructional time taught by both full time and volunteer faculty in lecture and small-group formats. A major revision of this course is anticipated over the next two academic years as part of the medical school’s comprehensive review and integration of the pre-clerkship curriculum.

M3/M4 Clerkships

Following the closure of Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, a revised student assignment schedule for the 2008-09 academic year was formulated and all students were accommodated successfully for both the M3 Clerkship and the Medicine Subinternship at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, University Medical Center at Princeton, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center. The ambulatory component of the M3 Clerkship was continued will be evaluated by the Curriculum Committee in the context of the Patient-Centered Medicine 3 course’s Continuity Clinic experience. Dr. Walker and Dr. Brian Gable also serve as Seminar speakers within the PCM 3 course. The Clerkship in Critical Care continues under the co-directorship of Dr. Jagadeeshan Sunderram (Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine) and Dr. Gary Nackman (Department of  Surgery).