Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Division of Nephrology, the branch of internal medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney disease. Scientific breakthroughs, new technology and improvements in diagnostics and patient care allow nephrologists to more effectively help patients with kidney disorders. 

Our division is comprised of eight bright, extremely well trained, kind and compassionate faculty members.  There are five postdoctoral fellows in training, a nurse practitioner as well as a staff of administrative and clinical personnel that are devoted to a mission of excellence in patient care, education and research.  We provide state-of-the-art medical diagnosis and management and have taught and trained many of the nephrologists who currently practice in our state. 

The clinical services provided by our nephrologists and associated clinical teams cover all aspects of kidney disease, both in the inpatient and outpatient settings. The faculty members provide broad expertise in the diagnosis and management of hypertension, renal calculi, genetic disorders, glomerular disorders, acute and chronic kidney diseases, all forms of dialysis and kidney and pancreas transplantation. We work together as a committed clinical practice group, providing round-the-clock care for patients with renal disease and providing easy accessibility to consultative services, both in our outpatient and inpatient settings. 


Our faculty directs inpatient and outpatient dialysis units and provides care for patients at 13 dialysis units in New Jersey. We have an integrated kidney and pancreas transplant program allowing seamless transition from dialysis to transplantation.  

We are passionate about what we do. We treat people, not just conditions and we will give you the time and attention that you deserveWe take pride in the personalized care that we provide and are accessible and responsive to the concerns and needs of our patients. 

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Richard A. Mann, M.D.

Associate Professor
Chief, Division of Nephrology