About the RWJMS Anatomical Association Body Donor Program

The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Anatomical Association Body Program (“Anatomical Association”) is a whole body donor program in which individuals can donate their body for medical science after death. In depth study of the human body is an essential part of medical education that is made possible by generous people who give the ultimate gift of donating their bodies for medical education. Countless individuals enjoy fullness of health in part through their well-educated physicians.  These physicians are always mindful of the gift of the human body and acknowledge their indebtedness to their anonymous donors.


The Anatomical Association (formerly Rutgers Pathological and Anatomical Association) has been in existence for over 40 years. In complete compliance with state and federal regulations. The Anatomical Association does not and will never engage in profiteering from the use of humans remains. All donated remains are handled and treated in accordance with the highest ethical standards. The donor’s survivors may derive comfort in the knowledge that all people involved in medical education hold the life process in reverence and respect the remains in our care and protection at all times.


Generous residents of New Jersey honor us each year by registering as donors. Currently, over 13,000 people have registered with the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Anatomical Association and placed their trust in us to honor and carry out their final wishes. Our pledge to these remarkable individuals and their families is that we will ensure the appropriate use of their remains toward the advancement of medical education.

Grace Pinhal-Enfield, PhD, Director
Rebeca Santiago, Program Support Specialist
Cheryl L. Schroeder, Practitioner of Mortuary Science (N.J. Lic. No. 3526)
Matthew D. McCracken, Practitioner of Mortuary Science (N.J. Lic. No. 5219)

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Anatomical Association
675 Hoes Lane West, Room R327
Piscataway, NJ 08854-5635
p. 1-800-443-8211
f. (732) 235-3249
e-mail: santanre@rwjms.rutgers.edu

If you would like additional information about the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Anatomical Association Whole Body Donor Program, you may call 1-800 443-8211 or email your name and address to santanre@rwjms.rutgers.edu.

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