Division of Research

The research division’s major emphasis is to pursue highly translational clinical human and animal research in the field of auditory neuroscience as it relates to hearing loss. We operate under the direction of Dr Ashley Wackym, MD who has decades of clinical research, and surgical experience studying and treating peripheral ear and hearing disorders. Currently the clinical division’s focus is to improve surgery techniques and surgical outcomes for patients. The animal research division uses state of the art neurophysiological and molecular neuroscience techniques coupled with extensive behavioral paradigms to explore hearing loss at both the peripheral ear and along the ascending and descending auditory neuraxis. We have developed several models of hearing loss, including otitis media, conductive hearing loss, developmental hearing loss, and progressive age-related hearing loss. Another focus is vestibular models of peripheral ear disorder. The overall goal of this research is to pursue pharmacological and gene therapy-based treatments that can be translated into the human population.


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